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Have you been scammed by a clumsy and cheesy looking Money making, Auto Trader, or other binary options trading software before? Did you sign any scammy pages which say anything to get you to sign up? Did they promise cheesy lines like "Earn $15,000 at midnight"?

If yes, you are on the right page to expose them. I am Keith and my site focuses only on posting logical, curated and brutal Money Making & Auto Trading Software Scam Reviews.

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I was part of the largest binary options education company. I founded "OptionBot" and "TrendXpert"- popular Binary option trend indicator software during my tenure.

My website takes a deeper look on Money making and Binary Trading industry and my aim is to post honest reviews and tips. I believe this industry lacks clarity. Good software sites have clumsy pages while some scammy web pages will say anything to make sure you sign up and lose money.

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Mirror Trader Scam Review $605 per hour?

Mirror Trader Scam Review Product Name: Mirror Trader Product Type: Software URL: Type of Scam: Binary Options There’s a new piece of software that’s caught my attention called “Mirror Trader” and it it’s a refreshing change to see something that doesn’t look like a scam. The Mirror Trader trading all does have some tall claims like “make $605 per

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Safe Guard Trader

Safe Guard Trader – Is it a scam? Product Name: Safe Guard Trader Product Type: Software URL: Type of Scam: Binary Options Wow Safe Guard Trader is so shit that I actually feel like peeling a few layers from my eyes after watching the snakeoil salesmen on the intro video try and tell me he made 10 people millionaires

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Nesdek – The Nasdaq App

Nesdek App Scam Review Product Name: Nesdek Product Type: Software URL: Type of Scam: Binary Options Is the nesdek app a scam? You might not like what I have to say in this review if you’ve already parted with money to them, but don’t worry too much as I have some extra news that could prove that the nesdek

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Matt Daniels Millionaire Code

Matt Daniels Millionaire Code   Product Name: Millionaires Code Product Type: Software URL: Type of Scam: Binary Options Wow 2 months free access to a product that will make me a millionaire this year.  Where do I sign up? Obviously I’m being sarcastic, this is a pile of shit and the product is being presented to you by a

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Terran Captial Legit?

Terran Capitals Review – Shamless Scam Attempt     Terran Capital is clearly a scam, and I won’t be investing in this hypes up piece of donkey shite under any circumstance.  The first thing that I noticed about the website was the fact that there’s a pop up which is commonly known as an “exit rescue  pop up” which is

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