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ScamMy name is Keith W. I’m a home trader and former CEO of the largest privately own Binary Options Trader Education company in the world.

During my time in my former position, I brought to the world the first 3rd party Binary Options Trading Tool to the market in the form of the popular Trend Indicator “OptionBot” as well as the most comprehensive Binary Options Trend Indicator and training serivce “TrendXpert”

This website has been created to take a deeper look at an industry that lacks a clear identity, and that industry is “Binary Options”

Binary Options software developers have been teaming up with online internet marketers over the last few years to bring out tonnes of products in to the market, and after 2 years of reviewing these products on my popular YouTube channel , I noticed that many of the applications were very similar, if in fact not exactly the same.

It led me on a journey to discover that incredibly good binary options trading applications were sometimes being portayed in a bad light due to poorly created glitsy and dare I say scammy website pages that would say anything to get the customer to sign up.

I also discovered that deep within this industry are hardcore scammers, so this website is decidated to uncovering the good, the bad, the ugly but ultimately the truth.

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