Algomaster Scam Review

Algomaster Scam Review

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Product Name: Algomaster

Product Type: Software


Type of Scam: Binary Options

I got an email today about a product called Algomaster system, and I think it’s a scam.  The video that you’re greeted with shows the so called CEO of a binary options software company sitting in front of 3 full height glass windows with a pool in the background and then he starts counting out a phat wedge of money.

It’s obviously fake and filmed in front of a green screen, so this is yet another wannabe pretending that they’re the number one top dog in binary…. I think we all know who really is don’t we?

Anyway, the video for the Algomaster scam is a virtually impossible shot, since the light from outside would make you look like a shadow, and I was able to demonstrate this in my video.

aglomaster scam

However I am unable to actually do a proper algomaster review today because its telling me all the spots for today have gone! This is not something that I have encountered before because usually the scammers can’t wait to sign you up and steal your money, but I guess they’re becoming more imaginative by the day.

As such there’s an outside possibility that algomaster  is legit, but something deep down inside of me says “run the fuck away from this shit”

But if you want to prove me wrong you can sign up for the algomaster system by clicking the link below.

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Once again, I am seeing snippets of my life appearing on the latest software scams, having recently sold my binary options software company, I’ve become a high profile target for scammers as many people see me as the pinnacle of success within binary options, and as flattering as that is, I’m starting to really get fed up with this industry, as it’s very hard to find a long term profitable system that can generate daily profits consistently.

At the moment, I’m trialling 3 systems all with fair amounts of success, and you can check this out by clicking the green button one or two times to see exactly how I am making money using binary.

If anyone is interested in trying the algomaster system, or if you have already tried it, then  please let me know in the comments below, as I simply couldn’t access the algomaster software today.

For those of you in the USA that are looking for a software application that works stateside, please take a look at my Automated Binary Review this is making a lot of US citizens a lot of money at the moment, I’m not sure why it’s so popular and works so well over, but I’ve had people telling me they’re killing it making as much as $400 per hour which is simply silly money.

The software is pretty cool in the respect that you get a $50k demo to play with to give you an idea of what to expect, so if you’re interested in that head on over to

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  • Well Keith I can see why people are branding you a scammer for a few reasons one becouse of how popular you have become in the binary industry and two becouse you don’t agree with all these other big binary websites you know the ones I’m on about. I for one don’t believe you are a scammer I like your honesty but I do believe you get you get some softwares what you promote as legit and we see you making a lot of $$$ then we try it and it and it’s a whole other story. I tried traders revenge under your recommendations and got burned I deposited $350 and within a few days boom gone. I was really wanting to try prizmtech but am afraid of that happening again iv heard very mixed things about it that’s why I’m sceptical I want an auto trader that works and not fucks up after a week or so due to a bad algorithm. So you can see why this is happening right? Please respond I’m curious what your opinion is many thanks

    • Paul I’ve lost a huge amount on shitty apps that don’t work, but also sometimes even something that works for me might not work for every other person the same way, there’s loads of factors like server speed, IP location, the broker you’re connected with and of course the main issue popular apps face where they either send a signal or auto trade for you is latency.

      You have to understand Paul, that I make trend indicators for binary (OptionBot and trendxpert) and my own software doesn’t suffer any of these issues because the user sets the parameters and I it tells people what the market is doing, not what the market is going to do. All my reviews good and bad are all for publicity for my own software, not the 3rd party apps I review, I just present what happens for me and let people make up their own minds. My advice to you is if you have a bad feeling about something, stay away. I used to get down about being called a scammer but it’s a combination of trolls and people I have pissed off by exposing their scams. Keep your money in your pocket mate, binary success stories are few and far between.

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