Alive in 5

Alive in 5

Product Name: Alive in 5
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

I’m absolutely baffled at websites like Alive in 5, y’know those websites that feature videos of people boasting about their wealth, and telling you that you that you too can have a life just like them.

alive in 5This particular website even boasts claims of being able to make “$1000 in 5 minutes” right underneath the video, and this to me says “cough… er…. Bullshit” this is clearly not a realistic expectation of what to expect on this website, and I’m further infuriated at the fact that I cannot pause the video on the Alive in 5 website, so I am literally being forced to watch this crap as I write up my initial thoughts on this particular scam.

I have to tell you right now, too that this scam runs deeper than you can imagine, it scams not only the end user by telling people that they can make thousands of dollars within the next few minutes, but scams like this, especially scams in the binary options industry use a multi-level scamming technique where they tell website owners that are looking to monetise their websites with affiliate links, that these webmasters can earn as much as $250 by referring people to the Alive in 5 website.

I’m no stranger to affiliate links, after all I own a website and anyone who owns a website typically will know what affiliating involves, and lets just clear something up whilst we’re on the subject, using affiliate links on a website is nothing out of the ordinary, huge websites like and are great examples of website that make money solely from affiliation, and they don’t advertise this to the customers either.

In fact, they go to great lengths on skyscanner to say “we will never charge you” when you’re searching for flights, and the reason for this is that they will get a commission if you book a flight.

So how is Alive in 5 scamming both webmasters and users?
Well as I mentioned earlier they are offering webmasters a referral commission of up to $250 so that people send them customers, however when I went through the sign up for Alive in 5 I was referred to GT Options, and I was being asked to deposit just $250 with this binary options broker.

It makes you wonder, how is the referral commission $250 when the deposit amount is only $250?  Isn’t that a bit funny?

Here’s an example of the amazon affiliate program

Screen shot of a popular affiliate program

As you can see you only get a commission of 10% … yes 10% of the value of the sale.
Now as Amazon is arguably the biggest online shop in the world, and they only pay 10% do you really think that a binary options broker is going to pay 100% of the sale?  Furthermore do you really think that a 3rd party website like “alive in 5” is going to give you 100% of their commission?

Now think about this rationally, there’s no f**king chance on gods green earth than 2 companies are going to pass up their cut of the commissions from a deposit at a financial trading platform????

Now the reality is that GT Options probably offer the same if not less than Amazon do, so assuming that is the case and I deposit $250 at Alive in 5, then GT Options will pay Alive in 5 $25, leaving that money in alive in 5’s bank account, and they are now facing the choice of either keeping that $25 or passing that $25 on to the webmaster that referred them to the website in the first place.

Are you following me now? Do you see how this scam actually works? They are scamming the websites that advertise their product, and so far I have no proof that they are actually scamming the customer.

So let’s take a look at their software shall we?  
As you can see from the image, Alive in 5 actually looks like quite a serious trading application, it’s well thought through, it displays a stock ticker on the bottom on the software application leading me to believe that this software is actually genuine.

Now isn’t that strange?

Alive in 5 interface
What’s more, I deposited $250 via a friends affiliate link, and guess what “HE DIDN’T GET A COMMISSION”

Now there is a surprise…. NOT!

I’ve been around these software apps for a long time, and I often see identical applications over and over again all with different sales pages, and the reality is that the only scam happening here is to the website owners, the customers that are trading are simply trading, and there’s no scam at play to the end user.
The people that are making the “sales pages” like the alive in 5 front, are getting their $25 a pop kickback from the brokers, and not passing on a single penny to the person that advertise their product for them.

As such, I don’t actually think that the software is a scam, but I do know that there is a scam occurring behind the scenes.
Now I need to test the software, however I will only test it out if my readers vote for a test.
To vote for a test simply use the form below, and don’t forget to include your best email address, as if I do test the software I will email you an invitation to the live test via a webinar.
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