Auto Trading Robot – A new breed of AutoTrader

Auto Trading Robot – A new breed of AutoTrader

Product Name: Auto Trading Robot

Product Type: Software


Type of Scam: Binary Options

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After nearly a year of development, is now available to the public for use with selected host brokers.  In this review I will tell you all you need to know about how this software can and will revolutionise auto trading applications for the binary options industry.

First and foremost, it’s a unique concept that allows the trader to manually set price triggers, so that when certain asset prices are reached, a trade will begin.  This makes the software incredibly low risk in terms of comparing it to traditional auto traders have previously ravaged the industry.

In the past, an auto trader would not provide you with any form of analysis, not even charts to suggest why they were taking a particular trade with YOUR money, and this is simply bad form.

Auto Trading Robot has a different approach, and instead of the software blasting through your account balance with no regard for how hard you worked for that trading capital, it instead gives you the tools you need to identify good entry points and you can easily set these by doubling clicking on the red resistance line for a put trade or the green support line for a call trade.


This is essentially the best trading companion for anyone that trades support and resistance and that’s why I love it so much.

You may notice some similarities between ATR and products like OptionBot and OptionBotPro, and there’s a good reason for this.  In 2016 the software rights for both applications were relinquished to a new owner, tech company Fibi FX, a company that specialise in forex trading applications.

They have utilised the S&R charts from OptionbotPro in their “enhanced trading view” and they have essentially automated the trade execution with their new price trigger feature, however manual trading is also available if you want to trade on the break, meaning if you want to double up in a different direction to the automatic trade it’s taken in case the support or resistance as passed, which I have demonstrated in my video.


Auto Trading Robot also features a replenishable practice balance, this is not a demo, but in fact a real trading practice account, very much like you get with IQ Option.  The key advantage here being that you can completely eliminate any lag issues and you can always execute at the price you wanted to enter at.


Autotradingrobot is in no way a “done for you” trading system though, to use this software, you should have a basic grasp on support and resistance trading.  I’ve covered S&R for the last 6 months on my youtube channel, but I’ll quickly give you a basic idea of what is involved.

Firstly, support is where an asset will bounce up from low point reliably due to market conditions, you can easily spot this on the enhanced trading view.

auto-trading-robot-support-lineIf for example GBP/USD keeps hitting 1.2190 and bouncing back up, then you know to set the auto trading robot to place a call trading when it reaches 1.2190 and the probability is in your favour.

The same goes for resistance, this is basically the opposite of support, and it’s where an asset cannot break past a certain ceiling price without bouncing back down.

auto-trading-robot-resistance-lineSo for example if GBP/USD has a resistance line of 1.2198 and keeps bouncing down when it hits this point, then you simply set the resistance line (the red one) to execute a put trade when it reaches this point.

Support and Resistance does eventually pass, otherwise the world would be full of billionaires! However if the trade does break past this point and your trade doesn’t look likely, you can simply use the manual buttons to place a break trade to limit your losses.



The customer support for auto trading robot is handled with the use of “host brokers” these are trading platform thats the trading software is linked to in order to deliver this amazing trading service. If you have any support queries, you simply have to click on the menu on the top left of the screen and click “support”

This will open up the host brokers window, and from here you select live chat with your host broker agent.

This style of auto trader is already hugely popular in forex, and that’s to Fibi FX they have now bridged the gap between binary and forex which the industry has been weak at the knees for, for some time.

So is auto trading robot a scam?


Absolutely not, join today and get practicing with a free practice account.

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  • I already love the concept but I don’t really like the fact that we have yet another product.

    Cause you need to deposit money in every product before you can use it,
    so this makes 3*250=750 euros you need if you want to find the charts from the video
    (And you still haven’t clarified about how to get the optionbot3/optionbot pro charts.
    will spam every channel with that question until you answer :-P)

    So you at least need the optionbot pro charts to look for support and resistance levels and then execute them in the auto trading robot.

    So 2 different product minimum which requires 500 Euros deposit minimum.

    Which is great news for small traders (which you surely also target) who just have enough money for trading, let alone having lots of spare money for deposits in different programs just to be able to use these programs…

    Would be great if you offered som 2 weeks free trial versions or something like that, so we could make enough money in that time to be able to afford the regular price.

  • Dirk van den Berg

    Hi Keith,
    If I understand it correctly, the chart from Optionbot Pro is part and parcel in this new software? I make use of Optionbot 3 and wanted to go Pro, but to do that I have to make another deposit of $ 250 to another broker. I prefer to stay with one broker for now. I registered on Auto Trading Robot last night. The broker assigned to me is Binary Online with no demo account to first try this software.
    What is your experience with Binary Online?

    • Binary online is who I withdrew from on so they’re good Dirk, and yes, you get the obpro charts with this, it was part of the reason I fell out with the developers. I sort of got fucked over on a licensing agreement but I won’t put people off this because of that, it’s a great app with massive advantages

  • I live in Canada and would like to know of a broker i can use ???

  • Plus if you follow Keith’s videos when he showed the new auto trading robot he did highlight the fact that he fell out with the company because of the whole free demo account not being there to use unless you deposit the minimum so like he did try, I agree with you about the deposits when you’ve got like a family household you don’t have £250 laying around but if you put 2 and 2 together you deposit once! Into auto trading robot you get the optionbot s/r charts thanks to Keith and then crack on, if you fuck up and lose all your deposit you’ve still got the charts to use.. It’s kind of a win win really.

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