Bank Tracker Bot Scam

Bank Tracker Bot

Product Name: Bank Tracker Bot
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options


Welcome to my review on the Bank Tracker Bot Scam, and yes I’m saying it’s a scam for now based on the glaring inconsistencies in the sales video, and more importantly the patronising “warning” when you first visit the site which you can see below.


Bank Tracker Bot ScamOnce again it’s another binary options software scam, and I have to admit I’m not particularly impressed by it one single bit.


In fact I actually think that this product is nothing more than a fad piece of shit.



I also absolutely despise that they are saying it’s 100% when clearly it’s not, you’ll be asked for a deposit before you can even see the software, so come on you fuckers, why not be straight up and say “free software with a deposit” instead of bullshitting your customers by saying it’s 100% free.



It’s because it’s a scam, that’s why and I for one and fucking fed up of these scams happening over and over again that add zero fucking value to your binary trading portfolio.


So why are these scams so popular?  Well the simple fact is that some companies out there are making half decent software applications, but they haven’t got a clue when it comes to marketing their product.


So what ends up happening is the decent trading application gets binned off as a scam because of a fraudulent sales page.


This isn’t hardcore crime, it’s people not having a fucking clue about what they are marketing, and all they are trying to do is get as many people as possible to sign up because they most likely have a quota to hit to get paid by the software company.


It’s all a bit confusion really, as sometimes the scammiest looking piece of shit could actually turn out to be a monster product that really does deliver.


Whether this is the case with Bank Tracker Bot? I really don’t know, the only way to find out would be to do a live test, so if you want me to do this, please fill out the form below and I’ll see what I can do.


Also if you have tried the bank tracker bot, please share your experience in the comments below to help us our readers make a better decision about it.


As such I’m going to provide a link below which goes to their website, jsut click the red button.


However if you want to try something that we have already tried and tested, then click the green button below to try my best trusted software, but be sure to click it a few times as there’s a few good ones out there that are worth checking out, and everytime you click the button you’ll be directed one of 3 top rated applications.


Also, if you have tried the app please be sure to give it a star rating out of 5 below so that others considering this product have a good idea on how customers percieve it.
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  • Clarissa DELPRAT

    Hi Keith,

    Can you tell us a bit more about the software you’re launching soon, will it be an ‘AutoTrader’, & how will be it more beneficial than other trusted binary option software outthere,Cheers.

    • Hi Clarissa, it’s not going to be auto trader at first, it’s an all in one trading application that lets you get used to trading on live markets, with real expiry times with virtual money initally so you can learn how to trade for free. Then if you wanmt to progress to trading for real with it, you can simply switch from virtual funds to real money trading. Essentially it’s a real try before you buy sort of app, it’s an excellent piece of kit, the early tests on it are great. Hopefully only 3-4 weeks away now.

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