Blazing Trader Review – Here we go again surely it’s a SCAM

Blazing Trader Scam Review

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Product Name: Blazing Trader

Product Type: Software


Type of Scam: Binary Options


I received an email this morning, and instantly my eyes rolled back in to my head “Blazing Trader it’s a scam” is what immediately thought, it’s yet another actor fronted binary options product that will most likely cause me to lose all of my money.  This time it’s from a guy called Johan Strand.

I mean come on, what sort of name is “Blazing Trader” anyway? But then I had to remind myself that software developers are often quite geeky sorts, and so I decided to take a deeper look at what the Blazing Trader Scam software was actually trying to deliver on.

blazing-traderOn the far left of the page you can see a “100% FREE” tag on the website, and this sort of thing enrages me most of the time, because I know full well that I will be asked to deposit some money in a binary options broker fairly quickly, so let’s see in this blazing trader review how long it will take for me to be asked for my credit card details shall we?

Before I continue, I do have to point that they are claiming profits of $20k per day under the section that says “proven success rate” and this is a massive ask for any form of automated software, let alone binary options trading.


Blazing Trader claims that they will send you 20k a day for the rest of your life, and I’m just not buying the potential of it.

The video has already annoyed me past the point of caring about their claims now, so at this point I’ve decided to enter my name and email address under the video to see what awaits me, and clicked the large “start making money now” button to see what would happen.

Then a video pops up welcoming me back, and I’m now being asked to complete yet another form.  This is typical of scams, but also quite standard for genuine products also.

It also said I just managed to “snatch” one of the last copies of Blazing Trader, and I’m a mad child so I found the use of the word “snatch” hilarious.

I finally managed to get in to the software but it wasn’t easy, it took me a few attempts to finally get in to the software and have a look around.

The blazing trader interface is actually pretty slick and smooth, and I’m actually quite surprised at the quality of the software, and it’s obvious to me that perhaps blazing trader isn’t a scam, and is possibly a decent trading application.


But as expected it’s not 100% free as I’m being asked to fund a broker account with UK Options, and whilst I knew this would be the case, and anyone that regularly invests in binary options will know that this is the case, I wish they would be more upfront and transparent with new investors and explain that yes, the software is free however a further investment will be required.

Either way, I’m not going to invest today as it’s a Friday, and I don’t like trading on Fridays in the afternoon, however if you would like me to carry out a video test on blazing trader via my popular youtube channel then please let me know in this comments below.

If you’re looking for an application that is already tried and tested, then please click the green “trusted software” button below, or click the red button to revisit blazing trader.

UPDATE: 06/10/2016 – Today I decided to deposit €250 in to OptionBit via the Blazing Trader app.  I’ve yet to test it for any trades, but the money is there and I’m ready to start testing it out.

If you’ve had any experience with blazing trader to date, we’d love to hear from you in the comment’s below.


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