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Charity Profits SCAM Review – Internet Fraud Website !!!

charity profits

charity profits review

Product Name: Charity Profits

Product Type: Software


Type of Scam: Binary Options


Charity Profits is the worst time of scam to hit the digital marketplace this week, how low can the scammers stoop? Well this has to be a new all time low, I’m telling you this is really bad, and I can’t actually believe what I’m seeing.

The website shows up as an identity protected website, why would a charity hosted on a .org domain need to go to such lengths? Well that’s an easy question to answer, it’s because it’s a low life scumbag marketer that is trying to steal your money whilst pretending that the profits will go to a good cause.

The video features absurd bank balances, yachts, Bentleys, Rented Mansions and really bad actors trying to convince you that this is a legitimate business opportunity.

The website features a painful slogan at the top of the page exclaiming “The Only Trading Software that allows you to become a millionaire by helping others” which is simply not ture, it’s a cold hearted scam, that is filmed so badly that I actually want to stick pins in my eyes so that I don’t have to watch it anymore.

Luckily for me though, I have the volume down, so I can’t actually hear what they are saying, but I do see screenshots of bank accounts flashing up as I type this showing “so called” proof that someone somewhere as made $1.7m with this software.

The terrible actress goes on to tell the camera that she invested $2m of her own money and that she’s amassed wealth of over 27 million dollars with it to date.

This video then goes on to say that they’ve donated $272k in August this year, but to who I couldn’t tell you.  The chances are that if this money wasn’t simply a work of fiction designed to tug at all the indicators in your brain to part with money to simultaneously profit and help others,  then they probably donated the money to the scammers that created the charity profits scam.

The Charity Profits Software

The Charity Profits app claims that it is not only free, but that its fully automated at runs 24/7 – this is another huge lie, because the simple fact is that you cannot trade at the weekends, so 24/7 and trading isn’t actually a thing in the real world.

charity profits app

It’s clearly a real thing in the minds of the blissfully unware charity profits scam merchants that simply do not have a clue what they are talking about, and this bogus opportunity is likely to leave you broke and resentful.

It’s clear from the sales video that its binary options related, as I can see from the balances on the fake testimonials that the $4k here and $3k there screenshots are from binary brokers, so I was absolutely amazed to see a graph with supposed donations to kids orphanages flash up in the sales video.


charity profits


You really cannot get much lower than this, there’s scams and then there’s SCAMS and Charity Profits is the latter.  This has clearly been put together by unscrupulous criminals that have no regard for and form of human decency and it makes me sick to the stomach to think that someone has such a warped mind that they thought people would actually fall for this.

Sadly, I think that some people will fall for this, and my advice to you if you are reading my charity profits review after you have already deposited your money with them, would be to take your money out of that broker immediately as this is one of the worst examples of fraud I’ve come across.

Luckily though, there are law enforcement agencies with special divisions to tackle charity based crime and fraud so I’m certain that this is going to end badly for these scammers.


Even though there’s no doubt in my mind that Charity Profits it’s a complete scam, I did take the time to sign up without depositing to confirm my suspicions, and I was railroaded in to a software interface asking me to open up an account with a known scam broker called VX Markets.

Charity Profits Scam

I also recognise the software interface, it’s nothing new, this is a typical recycled software application that is rebranded over and over again, each time with more over the top stories that geeky scam marketers have concocted in their shady offices to dupe you out of money.

Stay away from Charity Profits!

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