Disrupt Trading Scam

Disrupt Trading Scam

Product Name: Disrupt Trading
Product Type: Software
URL: www.distrupt-trading.com
Type of Scam: Binary Options
Here’s a really blatant scam that simply looks like dog shit, I’m not sold on this in any way shape of form as it features a lot of transparent acting from the outset which immediately puts me off of it.
In my video you’ll see that I have following the sign up through to the software, and I ended up with what looked like a very familiar trading application, I’ve certainly seen it before and this is a worrying and increasingly growing trend that we are all being subjected to by these scammers that are trying to outwit the savvy home traders out of a few hundred bucks.
Well not on my watch, I want to expose these scammers for who and what they are, and they are simply vile scum that have no morals that that will get their comeuppance very soon I’m sure.
distrupt trading is a scamOne thing that I’ve noticed on most of the scams lately is that they are all using subtitles on their sales videos, and so far as a general rule of thumb, the ones with subtitles are scams, this is because it’s quite an aggressive technique designed to increase sign ups and deposits via their scambots, and this is also why you will not see it on sites like Trend Xpert because that’s a genuine application that isn’t in a hurry to get all of their customers in one quick hit, as they are in it for the long haul, and these are things that you need to look out for.
The Software
Despite this sales page screaming out “this is a scam” the software tells a different story, the design and interface actually seems well thought through, which is surprising really when you consider the fact that every bone in your body is telling you that Disrupt Trading is a scam and to run for the hills.
I’m not entirely convinced that this is any good though, but as ever if you want me to do a real money test on the software, please use the form at the bottom of the page to vote and request a test.
Disrupt Trading is most likely a scam from all of the tell-tale signs that I’ve seen on the site, things like the false scarcity timers to pressure you in to signing up, the overly hyped up figures in the sales video, and of course the really bad acting.
Yep, that’s enough to put me off of this so I’m going to stick to the trusted applications in this industry, which you can check out yourself by clicking the green button on the bottom of the page.
If you’re really that set on trying Disrupt Trading, you can visit the site by clicking the Red Button below, and who knows you might prove me wrong.
Further more, if you have tried this software please tell us your experience in the comments below as this will help other people avoid falling for the same scam.

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