Dream Catcher Scam Review – CONFIRMED SCAM

Dream Catcher Scam Review – CONFIRMED SCAM

Product Name: Dream Catcher

Product Type: Software

URL: www.dream-catcher.co

Type of Scam: Binary Options


Dream Catcher is without a doubt a scam, so don’t even bother reading this dream catcher review.

Unless of course you’re interested in reading me tear the creators of dream catcher a new one.

I must admit, I think that the people that create this scams, are low life scumbags that will be dealt a massive karmic kick up the axe wound one day, so they don’t’ really need any further berating online from me, but I’m in a bad mood today so the creators of this fraud are gonna get it.

Dream Catcher is not only a cringe worthy name that is normally associated with new age hippie crap from folks that don’t like to wash their hair, but it’s also an insight to the child like mind of the scammer in question, who is probably a geeky colleague student wanking his days away over Jessica Simpson nip slips, whilst pretending he’s the Tarrantino of scam video production to avoid he inevitable McJob applications to pay his tuition fees.


The dream catcher software is most certainly not created by an ex Wall Street Trader called Matthew Warner because guess fucking what? WALL STREET TRADERS DON’T TOUCH BINARY OPTIONS!!

Binary options isn’t actually trading, it’s more like betting on financial markets, so anyone pretending that they are a trader when it comes to binary, is not the sort of trader you would find on Wall Street, but more so the sort of trader you find on Albert Square.


Anyway, enough of that stuff that only English people will understand, everyone will understand what I’m about to say.

“Dream Catcher is not a legitimate trading opportunity brought to you buy legitimate people”

It’s just a scam to get you to part with money to a binary options broker to then earn the scammer a few dollars in commission, nothing less and nothing more.

As you scroll down the page of dream catcher you really get an idea of what binary options is all about, and that’s the simple fact that it’s a gamble, this is why it pays off so well when you win, and gives you a sorry fist up the buttocks if you lose


As you further scroll down the page, you’re greeted with more lies via fake testimonials from people that I’ve seen on other fake software apps in the past, and as such it further confirms my suspicions that dream catcher is nothing but a scam.

I could be wrong of course, and there’s the real outside chance that some Wall Street millionaire truly does want to help 15 random strangers become rich, but that sounds more like the plot of a sinister horror film like Hostal that will end every badly indeed.


If you really want to make money, the only try my trusted software, I have reviewed, tried and tested them all, and I can assure you your best bet is clicking the green button and buying me a pint sometime in the future to say thank you.


Duh…. It’s a scam




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