Gemini 2 Scam Review – Total Fraud!!

Gemini 2 Scam Review – Total Fraud!!

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Product Name: Gemini 2

Product Type: Software


Type of Scam: Binary Options

Gemini 2 is the worst of scams.  The headline on the top of the website exclaims that they are looking for beta testers that want to make $12341,37 per day. Pull the other one mate, it’s got bells on it is the phrase that comes to mind.  In my mind, if you’re going to be a beta tester you shouldn’t be asked to pay anything, as beta testing is a process of checking a product or service for flaws before general release.

Essentially Gemini 2 is not ready for general release therefore, they should fund the software themselves for you to try.  Not the otherway around, which in turn makes the people behind the gemini 2  software a referral commission, which means that they are making a profit from a product, which means that it has already been f***ing released so therefore it should have already had beta testers knocking out the bugs.

So I’m saying that Gemini 2 is a scam, and the intro video of someone in a rented Lamborghini is not convincing me  otherwise.  The sales page for the gemini 2 scam uses age old false scarcity tactics like a web script that counts  down from 5 to 1 spot available.

brandon lewis google

I did a screenshot at 11:33 which showed the software on 1 spot remaining as you can see below.

gemini 2


But guess what? If I open the sales page in a private browsing window 2 minutes later I have 5 spots again.  So this is total bullshit in my opinion.

gemini 2 SCAM

So let’s move on the gemini lies on the sales video shall we?

The video claims that the creator of the product Brandon Lewis made a discovery, and that he used to work for Google in Silicon Valley, but there’s no record of this person ever working at Google, so I call bullish on this.

I also noticed that he parks his white Lamborghini and wales past several cars that clearly do not have California number plates, so this guy is not in California, another easy to debunk lie, you also notice that the number plate on the lambo looks nothing like the plates on the rest of the cars, that’s because it’s a rental with a fake plate on it.

gemini 2 review

Oh and there’s always the fact that the actor in the video says that it doesn’t lose a single trade, that’s impossible…. Not improbable, actually impossible.

As such I’m going to stay away from this  software as it’s clearly full of lies lies and more lies and I’d rather keep my money in pocked on this occasion.

However I’m not too fussed as I’m making a good amount of profit using a couple of apps that you can check out my clicking my green TRUSTED SOFTWARE button below.  Click this a few times and it will take you to all the binary options software products that I have made money from.


As for gemini 2 I feel sorry for the actor involved that will probably get investigated for fraud.

If you really want to still try it you can do so by clicking the red button below.

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