Globe Traders

Globe Traders

Product Name: Globe Traders
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options
Well here’s yet another glaring scam, globe traders makes no effort to hide how obvious this scam is, and in this review I will show you what you can really expect from the globe traders app.
Once again, we have a binary options app behind the scam, and with initial camera shots of helicopters and luxury yachts with dramatic music in the background, I can’t help but sigh as I die a little inside.
The headline on their website is “Globe Trader Algorithm WILL Generate You Up To $8,615 a Day on Auto Pilot”

Globe Traders Earning Claims
That’s a pretty huge claim, and I’m quite certain that I won’t make $8500 from this software today, but I’ll humour them and go through the sign up steps to see what it is that they are actually pedalling.
As I’ve said before in previous blog posts, the correlation between software and sales page isn’t what you think.  More often than not, the company that makes the software isn’t the same company that creates the sales page, it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick in order to show case the potential of the software companies trading apps.
You’ll often see “beta tester” all over these apps, and I’ve learned in recent months, that the trading nerds who develop the software put out to tender to several companies an advertising job, and what you’re seeing with these cheesy videos is actually people attempting to win a contract to advertise the software.  Globe Trader Yacht pic
In some cases, the software developers that made the back end of globe traders might not even know that this webpage is actually advertising their software, so you really need to take the sales page with a whopping great pinch of salt on the vast majority of binary options trading apps that you see advertised everywhere.
Signing Up for Globe Trader
If you ignore the video and scroll down the page you can see a photoshop image of a pile of cash, with an investment calculator.
Here the website suggests starting with a $250 investment and that on a risk level of 1 you can expect to earn $430 daily.  I don’t know at this point how or why I deserve this money, but that’s ok, if I enter my email address I’ll be able to find out quite soon, so that’s what I’m going to do now.
After entering my email, I was congratulated for being able to type my email address, fantastic! I’ve done it, I’ve taking the first steps to financial freedom and I get a generous 3 minute trial version of the software, wow!! I better make this quick!
So I have entered my details, and I now see the software, and guess what? It’s identical to that of Alive in 5, a product I reviewed a few days ago.  This tells me that the software is from the same people, and it echoes what I’ve said before, that the people behind the sales pages are simply marketers trying to get the best possible numbers they can for the people behind the software.

same interface as alive in 5
At this point, I guess that I need to create a real money account and test the software, so I would like to ask you, my viewers to vote for the app you would like me to test on a live trading webinar, using the form below.
If you have already tried globe trader then please also select a star rating when you submit your vote, 1 being poor and 5 people excellent.  These are user based review ratings on my website, so I encourage people that have tried global trader to use this to let others know if globe trader is a scam or not.
Please make sure when you vote if I should test globe trader or not, that you select your best email, as I will email you an invite to my live webinar where I will test this software out during an interactive webinar.
The software looks good, but the sales page is pure scam.  This required further testing to determine how good it is.

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  • Hi Keith, I seen another trader on youtube test out the autotrader and manual signals for this software and it was about 40-60% ITM.

    • Yeah I doubt it’s got legs, I’ve had a lot of people saying is smashing it so I will probably test that tomorrow, I’ve had over 100 requests to money test it, and about 20 people say they have been doubling their investment on the first day of trading.

      I had a look at it, the sales page makes no sense, but the software seems good, so I’ll give that a go Monday.

      Thanks for you feedback!

      • I also heard good things about oilsurveygroup so I think it’ll be worthwhile to check out. Cheers!

  • Good to see u back mate …
    Wondering if u could check out Copyop
    App in a nut shell it’s just like the follow option on a trading platform they claim to hook u up with the 5 top traders to copy trades and u can also replicate trades from other traders ….. They claim you can make up to $2500 per month which seems totally plausible ….
    Great to have you back with us Kieth’y 👍👍👍👍

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