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Product Name: Hoffman Stein
Product Type: Software
URL: www.hoffmanstien.com
Type of Scam: Binary Options


hoffman stien reviewThe Hoffman Stien software is clearly a scam on opening this site I’m greeted with a “Congratulations!!”  It seems I’m super lucky today as I’ve managed to get free access to a SECRET software which is available for today only.  Oh My God!!! And there’s only one new spot available and I have less than two minutes to get in!!!!!!!!!!  How has this stroke of good fortune happened to me??  I’m GUARANTEED to earn $623,023.44 in the next 30 days, if only I manage to sign up in time.  The clock is ticking.
Strangely enough, the first review/testimonial states the guy has been trading for just three months and has earned $653,289 … why didn’t he get the $623,023.44 in 30 days guarantee for god’s sake??  I would have demanded it if I were him …. Anyway, Hoffman Stein’s Nexus app is a fully automated binary options trading robot.  I can apparently make guaranteed profits passively, from one click using their totally FREE software.  It must be because it places WINNING trades … ah, that’s where I’ve been going wrong in my trading career.  Sometimes I place LOSING trades.  So glad I’ve found this app … it sounds amazing.
24/7 support desk too … although to be honest, if all I have to do is press once and I’ll be collecting thousands per day, what could possibly go wrong?? Why would I need any support?  I just need to fund my trading account with at least $300 to make $800-1000 per day.  Obviously if I trade more, I win more … that’s right isn’t it??  Just winning trades??
Phew, I’ve been hanging around too long and I thought I’d run out of time with the one new spot no longer being available … but I’ve scrolled further down the homepage and luckily there are 97 seats for residents just where I live.

 Doesn’t the name make you think of a Jewish Hoff?

hoffman stien scamThink I’ll just listen to what “They” are saying, whoever “they” are.  Bryant Russell (supposedly an Englishman but I’ve never met anyone called Bryant in England) and an American called Philip Peterson, both tell me how they now wake up in the morning, eat whatever they like, don’t worry about the traffic and basically nothing much else.


Apparently Philip is so unworried about his finances now that he was able to go and buy his friend a BELT for his birthday!  Wow, I can’t imagine being so carefree about money that I could just go and buy a belt for whoever I wanted.  That is really making me so interested in this autotrader although I would have to say, the “testimonials” provide precious little information about the app. In fact, they could be talking about their day job which allows them to get up in the morning, eat breakfast and go to work without worrying about the traffic.  Perhaps they live somewhere with really quiet roads.
I’ve just signed up because I can’t find any other way to see the software in action and all I get is the same page again but this time with a $10,000 net profit in 90 days GUARANTEE.  Unbelievably (and yes, I get the feeling it is totally unbelievable), they guarantee to reimburse me with $10,000 if I don’t make at least $10,000 net profit in 90 days.


There are no caveats i.e. you must trade at least $300 per day or you must click the software every trading day.  I only have to write them an e-mail and presumably that $10,000 will just roll in.  Thinking about it, I might just tell them in 90 days that I haven’t made the money and hopefully I’ll get the $10K right back by return.  Do you think???  I think this one stinks of a SCAM. There is absolutely nothing about the software to explain how it works, why it works, where they are based, nada!  And to try and fool people into thinking they will GUARANTEE to pay you back $10,000 just in case the software doesn’t work, well, that’s ludicrous.
I think the only time I’d be brave enough to hook up with this software is to open it up and cross reference it with something like my former lot www.trendxpert.com.  I know I can trust them.  Their recent trades and webinars can be seen on YouTube.  They have years in the business and have real customers with real testimonials.


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