Matt Daniels Millionaire Code

Matt Daniels Millionaire Code


Product Name: Millionaires Code
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

Wow 2 months free access to a product that will make me a millionaire this year.  Where do I sign up?
Obviously I’m being sarcastic, this is a pile of shit and the product is being presented to you by a guy that looks like an egg with ears who is claiming that he used to be an attorney that had over 3000 clients that were apparently cheated by binary options scams.
Millionaires code BSWell, I’m guessing his millionaire code is basically pretend to be a lawyer, and charge your clients $500 for a consultation, times that by 3000 and you’ve got yourself a $1.5m
That’s got to be the only way to make this sort of money in a year that I’m thinking of, because binary options trading is typically a low investment high return sort of gig, and even the really successful binary traders are only really pulling in figures like 150k or 200k a year, certainly not millions, that’s just BS designed to get you interested in their scam.
The website is written badly too, with tons of typos like it’s been written by an eastern European with a poor command of the English language, and that to me is the reality of what is probably behind the millionaires code.
Millionaires code scamThe whole thing is very reminiscent of those shady seminars where people put you in a room and tell you that you can realise your true potential and unlock the ley to financial freedom if you just part with a little bit of cash to get that secret.
I’m not buying it at all, the website is cheesy, crap and oh did I remember to say how crap I think it is?
I’m sorry but any product to do with trading that has the world “millionaire “ in it just puts me off immediately, and I’ve got about as much chance of being bitten by a lettuce than I do of making money with this shit, but purely out of morbid curiosity I do want to have a look at the software to see what shit they’re spinning.
The Software
Millionaires code softwareSurprisingly the software for Millionaires Code does actually look quite good, it appears to have real time charts which is indicative of a legit piece of software that could well perform quite well, but I’m sorry the whole sales page has really left a bitter taste in my mouth.
Well let’s look at the facts shall we? If you were to deposit at a broker via “millionaires code” and you lost your $250 investment, do you realise how crazy you would sound when you phone the broker to say “the millionaires code traded all my money away” you would sound like the sort of person that sits their cats and the dinner table dressed in tiny little tuxedos and fake hands glued to their paws (meow meow yummy yummy).  Do you want to be that guy? No I didn’t think so.
I think it’s best to leave the millionaires code scam where it is, and just avoid it.  But I’ve put a link below if you still want to have a look, as like I said that actual software looks ok.
However if I were you, why don’t you try our trusted software by clicking the green button below.  This will take you to the most profitable trading application of the moment, which has already been tried and tested.

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