Midnight Money Machine

Midnight Money Machine

Product Name: Midnight Money Machine
Product Type: Software
URL: www.midnightmoneymachine.com
Type of Scam: Binary Options

The first thing that strikes me as odd about this site is the top line that says “make $1,579,51 Every Midnight Just By Using This Machine” …. Strange in the way the figure is written – do they mean $1,579.51? – and do they mean at the stroke of midnight you make money … and then not for the rest of the 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds??

Anyway, NOTHING at all on the page apart from the video and a sign up box.  So I have absolutely no choice but to endure the video to find out what this is all about.
Yay, I’ve got onto this invitation only site – how’ve I done that???  Then the video kicks off with the assertion that there are hundreds of scam sites out there claiming to make you millions in minutes but they’re just not true.  So, because of this, they decided to create software which could live up to the hype.  That’s a weird motivation.


Jeff Farrell, the CEO of JF Media starts talking about how they devised their software, blah, blah, blah.  I thought, whilst he’s blabbering on, I might as well check this JF Media out.  Strangely enough, Google only finds a couple of JF Medias – one in Australia which seems to have nothing to do with any Jeff Farrell and another one registered in the UK which is insolvent but again, doesn’t seem to bear any relation to


Jeff.  I suspect Jeff Farrell doesn’t bear any relation to Jeff Farrell or JF Media either.
I’m trying to listen to old Jeff and read the words at the same time and am totally distracted by the voiceover.  It’s either a really poor computer speaking programme (Stephen Hawking in an Oriental stylie) or it’s an Oriental doing an American accent.  It sounds totally wrong.  Let alone what they’re actually saying.
Jeff is asking me if I’m willing to take seven minutes of my precious day to make all this money??  Hell yeah!!  But am I going to have to stay up til midnight to do it??  I’ve got work in the morning ….  But apparently I could be the perfect beta test candidate.  This test phase is called the “Charlie phase” … hmm, definitely something to do with the Orient.  As one of their Beta testers in the Charlie phase I’ll be able to keep the license indefinitely and in June, when it goes to the next phase, I’ll be given 16 licenses to give my friends and family.  Woop woop.
Here we go, the usual flashing up of photos of mansions, a Rolls Royce, a private school, amazing holiday … all this could be MINE, mwah, ha, ha, ha.  And all this will happen whilst I sleep as it’s an auto-trader (great that I don’t have to wait up til midnight).
Jeff must be a mind-reader because he’s just said I may be wondering how it is possible to generate $1,500 to $6,000 per night whilst I sleep .. how did he know I’d be asking that???
Well, it’s like this … there’s less trading traffic at night so the scans are easier to track and predict the outcome …. Well, are we talking US night-time?  Or UK night-time or Southern hemisphere night-time?  Because, as far as I know, it’s always day-time somewhere in the world so we’ll only be trading in one part of the world for night-time won’t we?  Surely, that makes it less efficient than those auto-traders who trade in all parts of the world. Or does it follow night-time around the world like some kind of Count Dracula?  So if I’m in the UK and I’m doing my sleep-trading, which market am I trading? Does his software know to adjust for my location??  Hmmm …. This sounds like a SCAM to me.
Jeff starts reading out a “testimonial” and “Lindsay” says she forgot to turn on the autotrader on Saturday so didn’t make any money … that’s weird because I was under the impression the markets are closed at the weekend.  Silly me.  And she feels “truly blessed” to have found this way of making money … I thought money was the root of all evil?!
I don’t like the look of this auto-trader at all … not that I can see it in action or find out anything about it before taking the plunge.  It looks like I’d have to go with their designated broker which can only mean they get a kick-back and that is probably the end of Midnight Money Machine then … once the broker has my money and details.  No thanks, I don’t think I’d be interested in staying up late to catch this one as it stinks of a SCAM.
I’d only take the plunge if I opened it from within my www.trendxpert.com account.  That way I’d be able to cross-reference the trades before handing over my details and money to their broker. The guys at www.trendxpert.com are as trustworthy as you’ll come by in binary options.  There’s no hard-sell and you really get the impression they want to help you trade for yourself.


They’re not an auto-trader or a broker as followers of me will already know.  They run twice daily webinars which you can copy from within the software or you can take their training and start dabbling a bit more on your own.


You can also see their webinars on Youtube which is great if you want to see what you get before you sign up.


Enough of plugging my old business though, if you want to check out this god awful software you can do so by clicking the red button below, or you can try my trusted software by clicking the green button.

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