Mirror Trader Scam Review $605 per hour?

Mirror Trader Scam Review

Product Name: Mirror Trader
Product Type: Software
URL: www.mirrortrader.net
Type of Scam: Binary Options

There’s a new piece of software that’s caught my attention called “Mirror Trader” and it it’s a refreshing change to see something that doesn’t look like a scam.

Mirror Trader ScamThe Mirror Trader trading all does have some tall claims like “make $605 per hour” and whilst this isn’t impossible in binary, it’s one thing being able to do it, and another thing being able to actually  get a group auto trader to do it.

In short, there’s an incredible amount of work involved in trying to live up to these claims, so I’ve decided to dig a little deeper and check it out.

The software itself looks ok, and displays both live newsfeeds as well as traders winning trades below the main trading algorithm interface.

The settings for the software are quite basic, but you do get a feeling of quality whilst navigating through the software.   This is a good thing, and another good thing is that this is a completely original looking trading app.

So at the moment, it’s looking good for Mirror Trader, and I think that this software does warrant a video test.

If you would like me to review Mirror Trader on my YouTube channel, then please fill in the form at the bottom of this page, and request a live money test.

Also if you have tried mirror trader, please using the star rating below and let other traders know how good mirror trader actually is.

For now, I’ve got to say that Mirror Trader looks legit, and the software creator John Harrison does seem to say all the right things that would indicate that mirror trader isn’t a scam, but I do think that $605 per is a little too high to be to be realistic to be honest, and the fact that “$300k a month” keeps flashing up does put me off a little bit.

However upon further investigation this guy is showing very high amounts per trade, around 8/9k per trade, and of course at the level seeing $300k a month starts to seem more viable.

Put realistically the average trader that uses Mirror Trader is only likely to deposit around $250 to $1000 and as such their trades will be more like $80/$90 per trade, so scale that $300k a month to a more realistic $3k a month, and you now have a more realistic picture of what you can expect from the mirror trader app.

So what is Mirror Trader?

Well it’s essentially a copy trade service, which is where they link their software to a master trading account, and then as an experienced trader takes a trade, it will replicate the trades on your account.

However you can change the amounts, and this is something that is very important, you shouldn’t go in with $9k trades, that’s ridiculous and even an experienced binary options trader wouldn’t take those sort of risks.

The reality though, is that the mirror trader marketing team have simply marketed their software in the best possible light, with “best case scenarios” in mind, however, there is always the glaringly obvious fact that they have used the same actor from Push Money App…. yep… sorry to tell you that of course this is a scam, it’s just that they are smart these scammers and they are trying to rip you off!

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