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Product Name: Nesdek
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

Is the nesdek app a scam? You might not like what I have to say in this review if you’ve already parted with money to them, but don’t worry too much as I have some extra news that could prove that the nesdek scam isn’t as scammy as you think.

nesdek scam

But lets first look at the facts about the company “nesdek inc” because it’s a bogus company that doesn’t actually exist after a short google it turns out that nesdek isn’t a real company at all, so the line they are spinning is total horse cock.

NESDEK FAKE COMPANYBut that’s not the only bit of bum news about the nesdek scam either.  A few years ago, when I was blogging on the OptionXpert website I reviewed a product called Live Profits that was a complete an utter scam that uses exactly the same actor in Nesdek.

So lets take a look at the facts that are already laid out in front of us about the Nesdek app, that for some reason is also trying to capitialise on the Nasdaq name.

The NASDAQ for those of you that don’t know, is where digital stocks are traded, and I’m assuming that they’ve chosen this name to confuse people in to thinking that perhaps they’re one and same company.

Just like the actors below are one and the same person.

Nesdek Scam Review

If you’re not 100% convinced they’re the same person, head on over to my old review on YouTube here

I would have put the LiveProfits URL on here but they seem to have taken the website down recently,

nesdek actorso I’m guessing that it’s the same people behind both websites here, which really isn’t a great surprise to be honest.

So I have managed to determine that Nesdek is a fake company that doens’t actually exist, and that the actor on the video has been the face of a past binary options scam also, so it’s really not looking for good for this application in any way shape or form.


Which is why I was surprised to hear from so many of you out there saying that this software is actually quite good!!

I’m as shocked as you are to hear this, because when you are frontloaded with a bunch of lies and a bullshit story about how some dude became rich with this software, you really have to sit back and take stock of the situation and ask yourself “how and why?”

Well let me lay that out for you below.

How and Why

Well, the how and why is quite simple.  The fact is that the software is not made by the same people that have made the sales page, it’s really as simple as that.  I’ve learned over the last few months that there are a handful of software developers that put out to tender a job to get sign ups to their apps for what’s known as “beta testing” this is where an application is tested with real groups of people to debug and improve the software before it’s released under it’s real name.

However the you the trader, should be made aware of your decisions to beta test something, and what these guys are doing is wrong, they are not telling you the full story, and they should be telling you up front that it’s a beta version.

Given that I’ve heard good things about this software despite the lies that they are telling me on the sales page, I’ve decided to part with 500 euros to see how it treats me this week.

I’ve been allocated BinaryBook, so please feel free to add your comments about this software and broker below.

nesdek software

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  • Hi Keith,

    I thought exactly the same about but I give everything a go, and I’m glad I tried this. I only started off with £250 on Monday the 20th of June, and the software has executed 198 trades 164 of them are ITM and I’m sitting on just under £2500 profit in a week. I was assigned OptionFM and I’m processing my withdrawal for 2k of that money today. In this case don’t judge a book by it’s cover! You should do a video on it

  • Wow those are some impressive figures, I’m going to try it today, I only have $250 to invest so fingers crossed!!

  • I put in £250 on Friday, only made £170 so far, but it’s early days I guess. It’s hitting over 90% ITM though

  • This looks too scammy for me, but well done to those of you that made money. You’re braver than me

  • Do you think the high success rate of this software last week is linked to the USD/EUR/GBP movements after the brexit result ?

    • Yes Sarah, actually I do think that this would have had an impact, in fact trading its pretty easy right now as there’s such definitive trends happening. I put €500 in this morning via binary book, and I’ve had 12 trades in total and 11 winners, that’s pretty good starting point, and all of my trades are on euro pound or dollar, I think that everyone who’s smart is trading this week, it’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel for the next couple of weeks I reckon

  • Hi Keith,
    Like to hear back before I evaluate. Morton is my platform with minimum $200. Problem is the platform. It is not the norm of SpotOption or Tradelogic. I do know they will have only One minute or 24 hours trades. Tell me how you fair ???

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