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Optical Signal Trader Scam Review


Product Name: Optical Signal Trader

Product Type: Software

URL: http://opticalsignaltrader.com/

Type of Scam: Binary Options

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Hey guess what, Optical Signal Trader is a scam, and it won’t make you $3000 by this time tomorrow, so why does the opening line on the video on the website video tell you this? The simple fact is that in this Optical Signal Trader review I will prove to you that it is in fact a scam.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the man you see in the office in front of a mac book is clearly an actor, probably a washed up budget actor in fact and he’s telling you nothing but lies.  He boasts that you will receive $3000 within 24 hours by simply filling out of a form at the end of his scammy presentation.


Now call me old fashioned, but when I am being asked to invest in a binary options application, I would at least like to know what it is that the software actually does, and I do not want to be told lies about how much money I can make, I want to know what it is this software actually does, and with a name like Optical Signal Trader, I was hoping that it might have a unique hook that I don’t see everywhere else on all of these scammy products.

The reality is that the binary options industry is a real industry, it’s a real industry like forex, and you can indeed profit from binary options if you possess the correct knowledge and tools. Sadly Optical Signal Trader is not the correct tool, and neither does it arm you with any knowledge, and the reason for this is that it’s simply a marketers product, a product created with no other purpose other than to generate money for the marketer that created as well as the binary options broker that is paying the commission.

There’s other great whopping lies on the homepage of Optical Signal Trader too, like the fact that the fake Bloomberg article in the middle of the page under the video says the article has been written by Joshua Brolin.

Does that name sound familiar? It should do, because it’s the actor that played Mikey’s older brother in the Goonies!! Not to mention Men In Black 3, and a whole host of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

is optical signal trader scam

With that I conclude that optical signal trader is a scam, and I do not recommend or endorse this product in anyway.

If you’re looking for a binary options software that is not a scam, and one that can make you money, then I suggest clicking the green button below to check out an app that is making me between $250 and $2000 per day.


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