Optionbot 3.0 Review– Move over Scams the King is Back!!

Optionbot 3.0 Review– Move over Scams the King is Back!!

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Product Name: OptionBot 3.0

Product Type: Software

URL: www.optionbot.net

Type of Scam: Binary Options

Is OptionBot 3 a scam? In this review I will tell you all you need to know about the muchly anticipated return of the original binary options robot.  Option Bot was first launched on October 8th 2012 on the worlds largest affiliate network Clickbank.  Yes, did you hear that word? AFFILIATE!! So this must be a scam right?

Well no actually, it was hosted on Clickbank 4 years ago because back then you used to have to pay $97 for the stand alone software or $197 for the pro version that carried far greater support and ongoing training, and affiliates are simply people that stocked it in their digital shops, so I’m sick of hearing the affiliate and scam in the same sentence, I mean come on, do you think that supermarkets don’t get a cut from the stuff they sell?

For many of you, you may or may not know how the story goes, but OptionBot started a revolution, and I’m not just saying that.  It really did!! It was such a forward thinking yet simple program that’s primary purpose was to alert binary options traders when there had been a movement of a certain pip size within a certain time frame. However as I’ll cover later, that’s not what made it such a hit.

OptionBot 1 was essentially a trend indictor, but not just any trend indicator, unknowingly OptionBot was the first ever trend indicator developed specifically for binary options, but it was limited to windows users only.

optionbot3Now this might sound strange to those of you that see binary options apps being lauched every day, but I assure you it was just OptionBot and you can even go to who.is and look it up, it was initially bought on the 15th of May 2012, we’re not playing around here, this is a heavy weight software breakthrough that remained unrivalled for the best part of 3 years, and then the boom in scam apps happened.

Anyway, the point is that it wasn’t actually the trend indicator function that people loved, it was the fact they could see a full size chart that spanned over a few days to get a true idea of how the market was performing.

So in 2013 OptionBot 2.0 was launched as a web based application, a very similar style to what most want to be binary traders are familiar with as apps in the autotrader marketpalce.  But OptionBot now had better changes, and a employed a zero latency system that meant the trend alerts were generated on the users PC and not on a central server, once again, this was a massive development and it’s what separated OptionBot from all of the other trading applications out there.

OptionBot evolved in to OptionXE the largest privately owned binary options trading centre of it’s kind, which was later sold on and since hasn’t been making very positive headlines.   This is where the sale of a once great business got quite ugly, and left the remaining owners of the software rights with a quandary, do they invest in a new training company or do they make the ultimate trading application that anyone can use successfully without the need for a complicated training course. Luckily one of the partners had been spending the last 2 years scouring the market for other forward thinking software developers, and actually as it goes that person is in fact me.

I spent 2 years reviewing other products and publishing my findings on YouTube, and this spurred on yet another revolution, first people copied my software idea badly, and then countless “reviewers” cropped up seemingly reviewing everything I reviewed, this isn’t me trying to boost my ego, this acutally happened!

I’m telling you this, because you need to realise that OptionBot 3 is the real deal developed by people of passion, it’s a superior trading application from the most forward thinking mind in the binary options business, and if you think that I’m full of it, then good luck making money elsewhere in binary, as I can assure you I’ve cracked it.

So what do you get with OptionBot 3?

Well, as I said we each year we’ve upgraded the most important feature of OptionBot, and that’s the charts.  However in the last 12 months OptionBot changed its name to TrendXpert as part of a branding deal to sell off the training business OptionXE to a couple of the partners.


Sadly in business, it didn’t go according to plan, and the director of Option XE chose is own path so I decided to step in save the company and broker a deal that would handover the legacy of OptionBot, in fact the entire remaining business to a company that had developed an instant 1 click trade application that allows the user to place a trade without having to wait for 3 seconds for the trade to be approved.

This might not seem like a big deal as you’re reading this, but when that technology was combined with 60 second trades it makes a massive difference, but wait there’s more! Much much more in fact.

Once the idea of the instant trades was born, we knew that we were removing execution latency out of the equation, coupled with the zero latency delivery of trend alerts we had one last issue to address.

That issue is the historic charts on OptionBot 2.0 and TrendXpert that are exactly that “historic” in fact they update every 60 seconds, so in effect you are looking at 1 minute old charts.

This hasn’t been a problem for typical long term trades, but it’s no good for 60 second trades, so the final piece of the puzzle was real live emerging trends that you can click on to execute a trade.  It’s such a leap forward that no other company match this, and you can’t even do this on any brokers website direct either.

But what does all this mean to the average joe that wants to use OptionBot 3.0 ?? Well there’s the fact that 60 second trades would have been perfect on binary options broker interfaces if you could spot what’s known as resistance or support.  Resistance is where an asset cannot break past a certain price point before dropping back down, and when resistance occurs you simply cannot lose a trade in the opposite direction, providing there’s no execution latancy.

Support is the exact opposite of resistance so simply apply the same principal in reverse.  So the clever bods at the company that is taking OptionBot 3.0 in to the future has a smart algorithm that spots a resistance band, and alerts you in the 60 second sniper section along the bottom of the optionbot screen, and they have even created a free play demo that you can use to test our the algorithm before parting with any cash.

But remember, you can only execute a real time trade on OptionBot, you will have to wait 3 seconds on any broker, so you can only correctly apply this via the OptionBot 3 interface.

Option Bot 3.0 is a stand alone application, however it’s best used when combined with the old functionality of TrendXpert so as such, it’s been developed so that you can load it in to the new TrendXpert which has been aptly named OptionBot Pro.

The entire trading experience means that you no longer have to pay for training, you no longer have to worry about losing money, and you can see it work before you very eyes before staking a single cent.

This is my swan song, as I have merely been a consultant on the project to merge these two applications together, so as of the moment I post this review, I’m technically out of a job! But don’t worry, I don’t need one now that I’m an OptionBot 3 customer.

To try is out click the green button below

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Live Test Update 17/10/2016 – in the video at the top of this page entitled “OptionBot 3 Live Test $1675 IN A FEW MINUTES”

I capitalised on the resistance and support shown in this image if you wish to check any other charts.

option bot 3.0

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  • Hi Keith will original trend xpert customers have access to option bot 3.0 with out having to re deposit ?

    • Only the original features. The new extra interface as shown on the demo requires one deposit if you want to add 60 second trading as we’re using a different feed for that

  • Hey Keith I had a test run on this application. Really like the idea of it and my demo results are great:
    47 trades in total,
    42 trades ITM
    5 OTM
    Oh btw I only took trades as they were RED, not the green ones, dont know if that makes any difference but it seemed kind of logical to click on the falshing red ones.
    That makes about 89% success rate, so thats pretty awesome.
    Looking forward to Your real money test video Keith.

    • Late night for me tonight, still a few bugs that need knocking out, so might not be until Monday now. Oh the joys! It’s a pretty killer app though, it’s taken a very long time to get here

  • Loving the demo version of app so far. Did 46 trades without looking at any charts and I clicked all the assests like a mad man and did 42 trades ITM and 4 OTM. Does anyone have experience with BDmarkets or PlusOption as a broker?

    • BD are having trouble accepting payments at the moment, go with Plus Option.

      • Thanks Keith. Will we be able to add a broker of our choice to the platfom at a later date?

        • Not for optionbot no, you can only use the ones that are linked as the feed from the broker is used for the emerging trends and one click trading, which it what set it’s apart from other apps

  • Hey Keith,

    This is my first time I going to try trading and don’t know what to expect or what the best option bot is out now.

  • Hi Keith,

    Is it possible to already register with Plus Option (synch with your software) to be ready to trade monday when the software will become available? My holidays start next week, I don’t want to miss this chance.

    Thank you for your time and commitment towards binary options 😉


  • Kieth question about the brokers on option bot 3…As with trend xp with the brokers you guys had available, you worked out a commitment with them and clients using them on Trend xp site in terms that they will and are reliable, so there will not be any manipulating on their end with clients account and that they have an agreement with you guys for 3 to 5 day withdrawal’s without issues. Just wondering if option bot 3 has something like that in play with brokers used on platform. Last question, how many brokers on option bot 3 take US clients?

    • Hi Angel, agreements have been put in place, however US customers aren’t able to use the quick fire trades as due to regulation, so there’s work being done to satisfy the red tape office bods on behalf of the new FX company that have taken on the software. Not sure on times scales for that though

  • Thanks Kieth for response. Just to clarify the quick fire trades your referring to are the 60 seconds trade?

    • Yes 60 second trades, by removing the 3 second delay and always displaying the strike rate on the optionbot interface, 85 delivers a superior trading experience for customers wishing to use short term trades

  • Hi Keith and congrats. I think we can all sense your excitement. I complete the sign in and am greeted with invalid country. I reside in the USA. and if you send me a ph number I will call on my dime.Really anxious to get this going.

    • I know that this is being looked at, sadly not many good US brokers want to work with the developers at optionbot because we show more information than they want us to. Luckily a new team are working on that from Monday onwards, so I will keep you updated on YouTube

  • Hi Keith, any reason why this software is freezing when placing trades.

  • Hi Keith, I’ve tried the demo account for optionbot 3.0, I like the look of it. I’ve heard people say that the strike rate is manipulated so the the trades come in but I don’t see how that can be done on live markets. I’m averaging an 88-90% success rate in the demo, hopefully the results will be the same when going live. Great work Keith and thanks for your work at optionxpert.

    • Strike rates aren’t manipulated. It simply won’tshow the direction the trade was taken until half way through the trade so that users can’t use the algorithm for free on another broker. But the real breakthrough is th instant one click trades without a 3 second delay which is standard across all brokers, we also don’t hide the strike rate like the brokers do for those 3 seconds. It was an important part of the development as usually 60 second trades are quite risky when you click “trade” as after 3 seconds has past the resistance or support band has past. This was the key goal and purpose of optionbot 3, and when loaded in to th trendxpert software as an alternative to a broker it’s really something special.

  • Hi Kieth, just went to register account and I live in Vancouver B.C., Canada…the Error code I got was Invalid Registration Country, I have never had this problem before, could you please advise, Cheers and Thanx

    • Hi Robert, a few brokers that previously accepted Canada have started refusing temporarily due to regulation, these issues are being worked on, hopefully resolved next week.

  • Hi Keith,
    Can you add more brokers in future, Neteller,Skrill brokers?

  • Looking forward to getting going with this app. Delighted there’s a demo that I can try and test to destruction😁. Anyone else seen the Facebook video by exposing binary scams? Laughed me ass off at how it tried to make bad all the positive reviews you’ve done while ignoring the dozens you said not to touch with a shitty stick.

    • Oh Dave never a truer word spoken buddy. What they also left out of the videos is that I make no secret of the fact that I review the binary options marketplace to promote my own company, I’m proud of optionbot and trend xpert, both are really great indicators. It’s also funny these reviews on facebook are all about me and no one else that reviews…. you noticed that? Bitter ex-employee I reckon! Check the demo out Monday Dave, no data feed at the weekend so it won’t really do much tomorrow or Sunday. Have a Goodun!

      • Hadn’t thought of the recent layoffs you had to make as bien a spark but it makes perfect sense I suppose. Looking forward to the demo. Enjoy yourself a bit of downtime. Chat later

  • Hey Kieth I’m wondering when is the best time to use the 60 seconds fast trades? If we should still avoid news events etc…or if it’s not really going to matter with news due to the r.s. algorithm that’s set in place.

    • The only time to use 60 second trades is when there is support and resistance evident from the charts. It usually occurs when there’s an event for 2 currencies at the same time. For example if there’s a CAD event at 2:30 and a USD event and 2:30 it’s likely to cause resistance and support on USD/CAF the 60 second sniper helps identify these but it shouldn’t be relied on. Always satisfy yourself that support and resistance is occurring using the main graph, it’s easy to spot it looks like W’s and M’s if you take a trade and lose it then it’s most likely past. I will be doing a demonstration one day next week on YouTube for people to see

  • Hi Keith, Great work ! Will a person be able to take multiple trades/different assets at the same time ? Any estimate of when this might be available in the US ? There will be a huge demand for it here I’ll tell you that ! Gary

    • You can place trades at the same time but you can only see the progress of one trade at a time on the screen. To be honest the biggest development of this is the instant trades without blocking the strike rate, it’s a game changer for people that finally want to use 60 second trading with greater control. The algorithm that analyses the resistance and support bands shouldn’t be relied on too much though, using the main graph with ones eyes is always going to be the best way.

  • Hi Keith,
    Really looking forward to trying Optionbot 3.0, I’ve used various scam bots over last 6 months and I really need to make up for my losses!!! As a novice am I best to use the sniper trades or try and follow the resistance and support on the graphs? Steve

    • Personally I would place reverse trades after checking the graphs, the sniper algorithm is an addition by the new company, and I didn’t actually want that on the sofware as I think traders should be able to see and learn what they are doing .

  • i still waitting publish my comment.
    is about transcript chat .
    or your only reason is sell this product?
    you are seller or affiliate?

    • I was the co-developer of the software that is behind this software. Now I both use the software and promote it as an affiliate.

      Regarding the transcript comment I cannot publish private conversations on my blog and it was binned as spam.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I would have some question, please.
    If I have registered, but at registration, I got the message “invalid country”, but I changed the country, and it worked, I can use the software for demo.
    But if I change to a real account, do I have a certain broker asigned, Swiss Royal Bank? And am I still able to use the software ?
    Could you post on YouTube a live demonstration with some live trading using real money, of at least 10 trades ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ciprian,

      Tomorrow morning if there’s resistance or support on the charts I’ll glady try and get a video down and upload it to YouTube.

      There’s a lot of people using the software already demonstrating it, just search for “optionbot 3” on youtube.

      Swiss Royal are very popular, that’s a good broker choice.

  • Hi Keith
    I finally managed to register after many attempts and chose plus option as broker, however there’s no demo? 😕

    • Hi Shah,

      Just sign up again and don’t choose a broker and you can use the demo.

      I believe there was a glitch this morning, had a few messages about it.

  • Hi Keith, I’ve enjoyed testing the demo out and am tempted to invest. The only issue I’ve got is connected to the latency point: I used a couple of other software products this year that were recommended by a number of the usual reviewers on YouTube, but my results were nowhere near as good.

    I think the reason for this was because by the time I signed up to those other products the volume of users was so great that it delayed the signals that I was trading on so more often than not they were OTM. Optionbot 3.0 has had some fantastic reviews and I expect a lot of people will sign up to use it – is there a risk that if too many people are on the platform, that the signals on the charts/sniper trades lag and lose their reliability?

    Sorry for such a long post, and I appreciate everyone says latency is eliminated but it is something that’s bugging me!


    • Will, the sniper trades are only for use with the demo, in the full version you are in complete control of the trades so latency is not an issue. The full version features charts to spot resistance and support, as well as trend alerts you set on your machine so there is no latency at all. Let me know how you get on.

  • Hey Kieth how come I see some option bot 3 reviews showing different looks on software? For example on your reviews (which are the best) show the news indicator on bottom left of screen and others do not. Is there a way to get the same one you use?

    • Hi Angel, the pro version which is what most reviewers have is the new version on trendxpert. All old trendxpert customers get this version, and new customers just get the stand alone optionbot 3 app

  • Hi Keith, We cant get OptioBot 3.0 in the USA , And from what OptioBot Support told me They do not know when We will get 3.0 with the 60 second Feature,, We really get the shaft in the US when it comes to Binary , Why Is That ..

    PS. They said in the US we can get the Pro OptioBot , And Pro OptioBot would have Trade Times that are in the 30 Minutes to 4 hour Range.. Does that Version of OptioBot work very well ..

    Thank You , Please let me Know. jeff

  • Hi Keith, after several attempts a couple days apart, last night I finally signed up with option bot. I Couldn’t try the demo since it was Saturday but I noticed that when I attempt to open a real account I get a message saying no broker available for my area. I live in Jamaica where almost every Broker in existence is available so I shouldn’t be having this problem.

    I plan on contacting support but I’d love to know what you think first. Thanks!

  • Hi Keith, Since the demo execute trades on the live market, is it safe to say that the results would be identical to that of a real account?

    • No, the demo is just to show you how the software works and the functionality of it. It’s best used with manual trading when there’s support and resistance on the currency pairs. I’ve recorded a video on how to best use it here https://youtu.be/yHVjur4ROME

  • OK thanks. Never had any luck with manual trading before. I always loose all my money sooner or later. Guess I’ll just have to find the right times to use the sniper trades. According to the demo the sniper trades are usually ITM regardless of the time.

    I’m a bit confused, the demo trades are being placed on live market in real time so I don’t see why the results shouldn’t be similar to that of a real account unless the trades are being manipulated.

    • They are not being “manipulated” it’s just a demonstration of how the software works, using live market data. As will all trading apps, it’s always best to place trades manually.

  • Hi , Are they any closer to getting OptonBot 3.0 – 60 second trading for the USA ,, Thank You Jeff

  • Hi Steve, wich Broker is to prefer for a German ?

  • Hi Keith love you videos how do i get to subscribe for your webinars i followed your link and opened a account with

  • Keith Hi, I love your trading skills using optionbot can optionbot be constantly use with IQ Option? Secondly, optionbot is limited to windows only, should we be expecting the Android version?

  • Hi Keith,

    For an American beginner that has no formal education/experience in binary options trading or trading in general, what is your advisement as follows:

    1-What recommended up to date training videos you recommend I study? I prefer training video, since I’m a fast hands on learner.

    2-After practicing on both the 3.0 and Pro softwares, should I invest in them both starting out?

    3-How much are the 3.0 and Pro softwares?

    4-Should I also use iq too, I noticed from your youtube channel?

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