Profit Trigger

Profit Trigger

Product Name: Profit Trigger
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

This site has very little information on it. It’s incredibly dull – there’s none of the usual disclaimers stating that it won’t be their fault if I lose all my money, there’s no contact details should I feel the need to discuss the software and how well (or not) I’m doing, no registered address …. nothing apart from an animated video and a supposed page of his trades …  there are eight pages in total with eight trades on each and I think it shows just three losses.  Wow, that’s quite impressive …. Or it would be if he could prove they’re genuine trades he made using the software.  And of course, there’s the sign up tab.  But what would I be signing up to??  I’m going to have to listen to the video.
profit-trigger-reviewThe world is full of money ….. and that’s how they open up their offering … well, the sun rises every day but it doesn’t mean I have any control over it.  So come on then, tell me something I don’t know.  There are 5.3 trillion dollars traded in forex every day (2013 data: USA) and 169 trillion dollars on the stock market – well, that’s interesting, I suppose.
It goes on to say that because such huge, varying amounts are traded every day, the corporations wouldn’t notice $100 going missing. So this guy deducts 0,000,000,000,1% from every second or third transaction they make and there are so many transactions made in forex, that amounts to “quite a lump sum”.  Isn’t that stealing??  Is he a hacker or just telling lies? Surely, the security in these huge corporations is tighter than MI5?? But according to him, it’s apparently impossible to trace these transactions.
The reason he wants me to share in this stolen wealth is that he doesn’t want to suddenly get that much money in his account.  Why?  Are Interpol already onto him????
He says he actually wants to do this legally though so has devised a legal, registered program (registered with who??) that generates trades and is dealing in currency and the stock market as his engine ”to get the profits below constant”.  To ensure the amounts are large enough he is only going to share with 16 people he knows and the profit from the trades will be shared equally between those he chooses to work with.  Once he releases this video there will be another 33 licenses available but there are only two licenses left goddamnit!!  In return he offers a fair trade – if I like the program he would like me to buy it from him for $2,500 but for the first year it will be free.
Phew, I had to log out of the site yesterday and have gone back in today and amazingly, there are 21 licenses available today.  That’s cool isn’t it?!
I’d be surprised if anybody would be brave enough to put any money into this program.  It doesn’t tell you what it is (I presume it’s an autotrader), there’s nobody behind it (well, nobody who is willing to show his face), there’s no contact details, registered office, testimonials, NOTHING.  I would think it is just a way of a designated broker getting you to register with them and deposit money which will be hard to get back … so for all the reasons above I would say this site is a terrible SCAM and not a very convincing one either.
The only safe way to have a look at it would be to open it from within my account.  That way I’ll be able to match and cross reference the trades and see if it is worth getting involved.    All their recent trades and webinars can be seen on YouTube where you can see live callers asking questions about the trades and getting valuable advice.

If you still want to check out Profit Trigger you can do so by clicking the link below, or click the green button to try my trusted software.


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