Profits Infinity

Profits Infinity

Product Name: Profits Infinity
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options
I wasn’t on the profits infinity website for much longer than a few seconds before realising that there’s a scam here.  The site just looked cheesy, and obviously a hack job so I decided to look it up on whois, and this is where I saw the first red flad.  The website boasts “zero losses since 2014” yet I wasn’t sure how this could be possible since the website was created on the 14th of March 2016.
That wasn’t the only red flag, as soon as the video on the website starts playing, someone with an American accent  called Mark Bromovich introduces himself, yet the whois look up says that the website which is less than 2 months old as I type this blog, is actually a guy called Michael that lives in Oxfordshire in the UK.whois screen grab of registration date
Instantly I’m put off of the website in general, it’s obvious that there’s some lying going on, and I find it annoying that people create these online personas for their latest “marketing” venture in which they are going to get a commission somewhere along the line.
It’s all about smoke and mirrors with products like Profits Infinity and the real scam at play here isn’t what you think, in fact I’m recently discovered the real scam going on here, and it’s really quite a complex scam that doesn’t actually involve scamming customers, it involves scamming webmasters and affiliates in to thinking that they can make money promoting “profits infinity” and the truth behind this scam is that they are actually targeting inexperienced marketers and webmasters in to advertising this crappy website so that the person that made the website can get a small commission from a binary options broker.
This commission is not transferred to a website that is advertising profits insanity, no this is business to business fraud and the chances are the end product might actually be ok, it’s the slimy rat that put the actor in front of a camera with a script to read about how he’s got an amazing product that will make you a millionaire, or in this case “$3,847.92” in a day.
These claims are nothing but fake guestimates on what the software can generate, in fact there are so many variables in trading that I seriously doubt that anyone can pin point an exact daily amount the nearest $500 let alone the nearest penny.
So how can I be so sure it’s a scam?
You might be sat on the toilet reading on your iPhone in between scrolling through facebook like a maniac to find something interesting, or you could be sat at work trying to see if this product is any good.
Whatever you’re doing right now, ask yourself one question

“how did you hear about Profits Infinity in the first place?”

Once you answer this question, you’ll probably realise you saw it in a spam email, or you saw a banner on a website or you clicked on a picture of a Ferrari that said there’s a rich person revealing their latest secret.
The point I’m getting at here, is the person that somehow got you to this site to spark some interest, is someone doing their job, and their job involves them getting paid at some point.
However I have looked at the affiliate program for Profits Insanity and they are claiming to pay you $250 if you send a customer to their website??? Er…. Can I smell bullsh**t? I think I can, and I don’t like it.
I can’t work out where this $250 actually comes from, can you?  Well I can assure you that it doesn’t exist, and I’ll prove it to you by signing up to the software.
The Software
As I sign up for the software I see a trading platform interface that doesn’t actually look that bad, in fact it actually looks quite good.
However I am being asked to deposit at a binary options broker with a pre-determined minimum amount of $250.

Profits Infinity Deposit Page
I smell a rat for sure now, because how does a broker pay infinity profits 250 and then how does profits infinity pay someone else 250?  Does the broker and profits infinity simply pass up their commission?
Ask yourself this, it doesn’t make any sense at all does it?  And that’s because it’s simply not true.  The real scam here like I said earlier is between Profits infinity and whoever advertise their website, but by the time the website owner realised the commission is non-existent, they could have sent them hundreds of customers.
But the scam runs a little deeper here, you see there’s actually 5 tiers involved in this scam.
You have:
The advertiser- the website –the software – the broker– the customer
The advertiser and the customer have 3 entities between them.  The website is getting a commission from the software, the software you see is not unique, I’ve seen identical interfaces a lot of the time, it’s simply a white label trading interface that’s probably quite good, however the software is the person getting paid by the broker, so if they get $25 they probably keep $5 and pass the $20 to the website, in this case profits infinity.  Profits infinity would need to sign up 12.5 customers at $20 commission in order to be able to pay the advertiser $250, so they are either waiting until there’s 20 customers and then giving the customer 1 sale or maybe even none at all.
So does the software work?
Here’s the thing, there’s such a deep level of scam at play here that even though the software looks really good, I’m scared to try it.  So I’ll only try it if you vote for me to try it.
I’ll test the software live on a webinar that I will notify all voters about via email, so please fill in the form below to have your say.
Don’t forget to rate the software if you have tried it yourself, we have a 5 star user rating, 1 being terrible 5 being excellent.

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  • Hello, My name is Luis and I’m from México city,, how you are keith? Well i’ve be scammed before, I want to be a success full trader, I don’t have to much money, Im not an expert trader, but I want to be, what strategy do you use? Or just use bot’s that are coming everyday? I’ve trade with IQ Option before, I loss 220 of my total capital using the martingale, and now im just have 32 in total, what can I do to raise the capital keith? Using another broker? What strategy can I use? I have 132 dlls and I know that’s isn’t a lot of money but I could raise that capital using a good strategy, what do you recommend me keith, I like so much your vídeos on youtube channel

    • Hi Luis, I picked up all of my trading knowledge from Ben Newman whilst I was at the training their is the only really decent service for people wanting to learn how to trade that I am aware of. Once you understand when there are good times to trade, you’ll find that you will have a lot more success with all trading, including signal bot and auto traders. For example on the 23rd of June, there is going to be a great opportunity to trade the GBP and the EUR because the rederendum in the UK about leaving the Euro. This is something I will happily do a webinar on for people. With regards to raising capital, I am using this new website to show ways of raising money. For example, if you click on the “free iPhone” tab at the top of the website or go here There’s a website where you can get free stuff after a small investment of $10-$20 where you can unlimited free things like iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches …. Anything you want, simply by telling people about the site. You can then sell the freebies you get on eBay to generate cash. I’ll also look at lots of other things as I grow this website. I hope this helps

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