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The Quantum Code Scam


Product Name: The Quantum Code
Product Type: Software
URL: www.thequantumcode.net
Type of Scam: Binary Options

Let me be the first to say that I used to be a fan of old Sam, Ziggy and Al in Quantum Leap, and to see a piece of shit scam product trying to peddel more snake oil YET AGAIN using the name of binary options as their trojan horse.

I’m getting pretty fed up of this sort crap now, and I’m really trying to explore more anmore legit opportunites online as a result of becoming some what numb to the relentless onslaught of lose the fuckin’ lot botz that we’re seeing chruned out.

The Quantum Code, which I will from now be referring too as the Scrotum Code, is just a substanceless heap of dung that is so cheesy that only the lower end of the gene pool will see as a compelling and legitimate opportunity.

So why does this product pissed me off?

Quantum Cash Code Scam Review

Well just look at the cunt on the pop up!! Some fat faced fake actor claiming the true identity of condor man as his alias, standing in front of a jet to add so called authenticity is just farcial to me.

I’ve been the head of a trading software company, and would never have stooped to such cheap tricks to flog a piece of shit software application that will bring nothing to the customer other than tears to their face, and misery to their lives.

It’s simply full of gimmicks to create a sense of urgency like a limited number of spots available, I mean come on??!!!! Why?? Why limit it if it’s so good? I tell you why, because it’s a load of bullshit and these fuckers will stop at nothing to get your $250 in their pockets.

Why don’t these scammers just grow a pair, and step up and bring out a product or service that genuinely adds value to the customer? Is it really that hard?

I was recently asked if I would mentor someone on how to become a blogger, and I had to ask them why they needed me?  Why do you need someone to tell you to do something that you can do for free from your own home.

That person said to me that they had been following me on youtube for two years and found it clear that I was making a living online, and they wanted to learn from the best!! As nice as that sentiment was, it made me realise that this is exactly what people like the Quantum Code are trying to acheive, they are trying to convince people they are a success, and they want people to be convinced the moment they hit the website.

I really found this a facsinating fact, given that I just like to shout and swear on YouTube for a few years and someone see’s that as success, so if that’s how people think then sites like the Scrotum Code are way off the mark.

For that reason alone I’m staying away from it, but please be sure to give the product a rating using the form below, I’m keen to see what you think.

Rant Over

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