Safe Guard Trader

Safe Guard Trader – Is it a scam?

Product Name: Safe Guard Trader
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

Wow Safe Guard Trader is so shit that I actually feel like peeling a few layers from my eyes after watching the snakeoil salesmen on the intro video try and tell me he made 10 people millionaires last month.

SAFE GUARD TRADER SCAMI’d kill for a genuine opportunity like this, but it’s clearly not a genuine opportunity and I don’t thik anyone in their right mind would fall for this.  However for those of you that found this page because you were smart enough to google whether or not it’s a scam or not, then I have some great advice for you STAY AWAY safe guard trader is a scam!

One of the first alarm bells on this product is the fact that on the “meet the safe guard trader team” section of the website, all of the so called staff are nice high resolution pictures, yet the alleged CEO Richard Hefner is a shitty low res picture.

Now I’m no expert, but if you’re the CEO of a company surely you’ll ensure that you have a nice shiney high resolution photo of yourself on the site, and not a shitty screengrab off the video, which it clearly is.


It’s obvious to me that these are not the people they are claiming to be, and that the high res pictures are probably of istock photo or a similar stock image site.

Make no mistake, these people are not legit, the safe guard trader scam is a clever advanced marketing scam that is just trying to get you to sign up to their software that probably doesn’t work that well, but I’ll get to that later.

The Software

When I enter my details I’m greeted with a video of someone giving me $50 and trying to demonstrate that the software can actually make me an instant profit.

I’ve seen this so called hook before, and it wasn’t on an app that actually made me any money, so I’m going to say that tha safe guard is a scam.

SAFE GUARD TRADER APPAfter the seemingly live video (it’s not live, it’s a recording, don’t be a thick cunt) I’m then pushed towards the binary book website, but unfortunately for safe guard trader I have already funded a binary book account with 500 euros this morning on the app because I’ve heard reports that it’s actully quite a good app, but if you want info on that please keep an eye on my YouTube channel as I’ll be doing a video update on that later.

If you’ve had any experience with Safe Guard Trader and you want to have your say, then please be sure to add it to the comments below.

I however will not be depositing here, and it just oozes far too much scam for my liking.

But if you will want to try the software you can visit the page by clicking the red button below, but my advice would be to try my trusted software which is tried and tested by clicking the green button.

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