Terabit Trader Review – Yet another Scam

Terabit Trader Review – Yet another Scam

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Product Name: Terabit Trader

Product Type: Software

URL: www.terabittrader.com

Type of Scam: Binary Options


Here’s yet another scam that’s using the same actor that we’ve seen in such bullshit releases like Safe Guard Trader and GPS trader.

is gps trader a scam

It was pretty easy to spot this as a scam, and I’d like to take a moment to explain what makes software like this a scam, and how you too can spot it in the future.

There’s a limited pool of actors out there willing to put their face on binary options products, especially pretending to be the boss of a fake software company.  Unfortunately many of these scammers are copying me believe it or not.

terabit trader actor

In 2012 I was the co-creator of a trend indicator called Option Bot, it’s was a popular trading tool for binary options traders, and over the years it helped me establish one of the largest privately owned binary options trading companies in the world called Option XE which I sold in January 2016 to the former head of training.

I build the company reputation by becoming the “face” of our company on YouTube, and I taught the former employee turned Managing Director how I did this, and he was supposed to carry on in this matter.

Anyway, that’s all history now, but it was a very public business model that worked, and unfortunately the scammers out there decided to start copying what I was doing in terms of having a video presence online, but instead of being honest they’re deceptive and just make crap software that trades your money away so that they can make a quick referral fee from the broker, and then they move on to the next scam.

The terabit trader scam is one example of many that I have come across.  They’re praying on the vulnerable and desperate folks out there looking for an answer to their financial woes, when it fact it actually makes their financial position worse.

I’m no stranger to scams like this, I see them every day but generally it’s the pages with dramatic music and a bullshit back story rather than a video that focuses on the core values of a company and what their software can do that stick out as scams such as terabit trader.

And then there’s the obvious recycling of both applications and actors, people get so used to working with the same people on scam after scam that they start to delude themselves that “new” people are trying their scams, when in fact it’s repeat offenders that fall for the same type of scam created by the same group of scammers month after month.

As a YouTube personality balls deep in the binary options industry, I realised this a long time ago, which is why I do my best to point in the direction of what is actually working and steer you away from scams via my reviews, hence why I have put this terabit trader review together for you to see.

Now if you’re looking for a binary options trading application that works you have a few options, and you can access these options by clicking my green “trusted software” button below.

Of if you want to lose all of your money then please visit the terabit trader site by clicking the red button.


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