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Terran Capitals Review – Shamless Scam Attempt



Terran Capital is clearly a scam, and I won’t be investing in this hypes up piece of donkey shite under any circumstance.  The first thing that I noticed about the website was the fact TERRAN CAPITALS SCAMthat there’s a pop up which is commonly known as an “exit rescue  pop up” which is the oldest trick cheap in the marketers hand book.
This sort of thing is down to the fact that they know full well that the site looks shocking and it’s their last ditch attempt to convince you that the software is worth signing up to, and in this instance they give you the change to say



Who the F*** do these c***ts think they are?? Is that really any way to address your potential clients? Because I’ve got my back up almost instantly and it says to me without a shadow or a doubt that


“terran capitals is a shady scam”

So why am I even bothering to review terran capital? Surely no one else is going to fall for the terrran capitals BS line that’s being spun, but sadly I believe there probably is.


terran capitals review
So this review is for people that are considering this dog shite app, but be warned, if you’re one of those people thinking “is terran capitals legit?” then you probably need your head examined as it’s oozes scam out of the monitors on to my lap, and now I need to swipe it off.
Lets look at some of the larger than life BS claims that they are making on the website, and you don’t have to look for to find all of the bogus news articles that they claim they have on highly respected websites including the flowing

CNN Money  – No results on their site for “terran capitals”
Reuters – No results on their site for “terran capitals”
China Daily – No results on their site for “terran capitals”
CNBC – No results on their site for “terran capitals”
SPIEGEL ONLINE – No results on their site for “terran capitals”
Hmmmm so none of these big site testimonials that they have plastered all over their website homepage are all non-existent.
That’s enough for me to think that this is a load of shit, and I really don’t want any of you reading this to fall for it, you don’t need to delve any further in to whether or not terran capitals is a scam, it’s as plain as a nose on your face that it’s clearly a scam aimed at taking your money without offering anything in return.
Sadly this sort of scam is commonplace and they are becoming increasingly easier to spot, but to the untrained eye you’d be forgiven in to thinking that terran capital is legit, but rest assured it is not, and you WILL lose your money on this.
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If however you still want to check out terran capitals then please click the link below.
If you have tried the software and want to rate it on a 1-5 basis then please fill in the form below and hit submit, you can even request that I do a real money video test on it, if I get enough requests I will still do a video review.

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