The Money Glitch

The Money Glitch

Product Name: The Money Glitch
Product Type: Software
Type of Scam: Binary Options

Money Glitch Scam Review

The Money Glitch is no doubt a scam, it’s using a cloned style web page that I first saw a few years back on a binary options trading scam called Live Profits, that featured a low rate Bryan Cranston lookalike in the sales video.  The sort of video that pretends to be a live feed makes me a little sick inside as I don’t understand who they think they’re kidding, I mean it’s clear to me that the money glitch sales video is a recording and not live, and a part of me dies inside when I think that someone somewhere might actually believe this is a live feed, and that they may even try and talk back to the person on the video.

This is the reality of scams, and the psychological damage they can potentially do to people, and I for one don’t really want to see stuff like this on the internet anymore.  However the money glitch scam is probably one of a hundred sites from the same scum bag scammer that’s been churned out and pumped all around the internet over and over again.

So why am I so sure that the money glitch is a scam?

Well the name is a bit of a f***ing giveaway really isn’t it? I mean what sort of possible glitch can there be when it comes to cold hard cash, only that you might not have as much as you think you need.  They also have a really big giveaway as to its scam likelihood as below their logo is says

546 Consecutive Days Of Profit For Spanish Members”

As this is a binary options trading product, and trading is closed on the weekends, it’s impossible to 546 consecutive days of profit” Fu*king liars!!

The Money Glitch ReviewNo way Jose, I’m not having any of it, and the simple fact that I happen to live in Spain, and the Spanish flag is all over this website is no coincidence I’m sure.  I’m pretty certain that there’s a geo-targeting script that recognises my IP address and displays this video based on my IP’s physical location.

This doesn’t make the money glitch a particularly advanced scam by any stretch of the imagination, in fact the technology to do this is pretty basic by todays standards, but once again, the scammers are starting to use little tricks like this to make you feel more special, so you get suckered in to it right away.  This my friends is a scam, no if’s but’s or maybe’s.

Affiliate Scams

This website is not only lying to you, the potential trader, but they are also lying to potential advertisers that are looking for an offer to feature on their website.

If you click the affiliates tab at the bottom of the page, you will see that they are claiming they pay $500 CPA (Cost Per Action) which means they will pay you $500 if someone deposits via this software…. $500 seem an awful lot of money don’t you think?  It’s one of those “too good to be true” moments, much like the rest of the money glitch website which says to be it’s clearly a scam.

I mean after all, most website affiliate commissions are around the $30 mark, that’s the going rate these days for any sort of affiliation, $500 is just fairy tale bullsh*t designed to get poor suckers paying hundreds to promote it was various online ads, and they’ll get f*ck all in return. money gitch scam review

It’s the perfect all rounder scam, scam the customer, scam the website advertising it, and keep any profits for ourselves.

I’d bet my Nan that’s what they’re doing, and I really want to know how much money they are asking for to sign up, so I’m going to just go through the sign up now and see what they want.


Signing Up

Well unsurprisingly when I went to deposit, I was only asked for $250 as the screenshot of the money glitch software shows.  So how on earth does the money glitch double the referral commissions to $500? Maybe that’s the real glitch at play here.  The simple fact that is that everything I’ve seen up until the software is a scam, which is why I’m really shocked to see a fairly decent looking interface at the end of it all.

the real Money Glitch But am I really that shocked? Well no I’m not, as I’ve said on previous reviews, the company that makes the software and the company that market the software are two totally different companies, and there’s a good chance that the money glitch software might actually work.

But because they lied to me early on, I’ll only test it with real money on another video if you vote for me to do so below.


I’d proceed with caution if I were you, but hey, you never know, I could be wrong.

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  • Hi Keith, the money glitch looks shit, but you should take a look at the oil survey one a bit further, I signed up to on Monday, it’s really weird, the website and the software don’t seem to make any sense, it’s like you keep saying, the website and the software seem to be on completely different pages, the sale page seemed scammy, but my girlfriend fell for it and deposited £250, so we decided to give it a go and it place 19 trades on Monday, 17 were winners! f***ING RESULT!! Doubled our cash, and again today it’s taken much less, only 8 trades all winners so we’re already sitting on £680, that’s a lot to us, that’s a new sofa for us, please do a test on it buddy

  • What site? ? over £400 in 2 days? Is that the right site?

  • Yes Donna that’s the link, check out I guarantee you won’t be disappointed

    • Guys can you move this conversation to the Oil Survey review?? Don’t mean to be a moaner but this is the money bitch …. I mean money cunt…. I mean money glitch review

  • You have NEO2 as trusted software? I`d say taking the temperature of a PIG`S ASS is closer to the stockmarkets…at least pork bullies are traded…the sun is not!

  • Hey,my Neo2 and Safincome app not takes autotrade.Maybe broker problem? RBOptions both apps,maybe they not support autotrade?

    • They should support autotrade. Have you placed any manual trades at all? When did you sign up?

      • Yes,manual trades ok,but not autotrade,last settings was 70% strength,but still nothing..And not was autotrade as well in safincome app,same broker RBOPTIONS.Both app now I used more then month.Only can manualy.Strange.

        • That is strange, do you have them connected to the same RB account?

          • No,different email,fund via soft.Send emails,no answer RBO ,no answer support safincom-neo2.
            How the soft choose brokers in region,here in Estonia shows bad reputation and not regulated brokers Bigoption,Binarybook,RBoption,Titantrade.

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