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Wisdom of the Crowds

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Product Name: Wisdom of the Crowds
Product Type: Software
URL: www.thewisdomofthecrowds.com
Type of Scam: Binary Options
The Wisdom of the crowds, is a really strange website. The video is stacked with claims that people have made money using the wisdom of the crowds methods, and they even go as far as to claim that websites like google and coca cola use the same methods that they do.
This has certainly got my attention, and the site doesn’t look that bad but I simply don’t like claims like “turn $250 in to $1000 overnight” that’s just asking for trouble in my opinion, and if this software is any good, then they should focus on the functionality of how it works, as oppose to what it can to for you, which is the angle my former company took with software like www.trendxpert.com
Anyway, back to my review of Wisdom of the crowds, and let’s get to the bottom of whether it’s any good or not. My initial thoughts after watching the video and listening to all the sales hype, I couldn’t help but notice that this particular scam hasn’t gone to over the top in claiming that it’ll make you rich overnight, and this is always a refreshing change.

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I’m further impressed at the fact that when you’re going through the signing up process that you actually see someone standing in what looks like a pretty big seminar venue, which indicates to me that this particular product might actually be a serious contender as a trading application that is genuine.
That’s half the battle when sifting through all the scams within the binary options industry, it’s very difficult to ascertain what’s good and what’s bad, and generally you can never judge a book by its cover.
I mention this because on the 21st of April when I was still blogging for Option Xpert (optionxpert.com) which is a company I recently sold, I back then decided to deposit some money in the wisdom of the crowds and I never actually followed it up as I didn’t have the time and you can see the original video I recorded and published on youtube below.


Now when I first tried out The Wisdom of the Crowds, I simply couldn’t’ get the software working, but since then I’m got it working and it’s now actually generating me a few hundred dollars a day on auto pilot.
The wisdom of the crowds software really isn’t that bad, in fact I’m hitting about 84% ITM (in the money) trades with it. They’re using other experienced traders recommended trades to deliver this, and it’s a really clever innovation that I hope to see more of in the future.
The only drawback I see with the wisdom of the crowds trading software is the fact that I wasn’t immediately redirected to an activated version of the software, however that was down the broker that they recommended I use.
The wisdom of the crowds is only compatible with a handful of brokers at the moment, so I’m not really sure how long it will be until we see this available on more brokers, but it’s certainly well worth taking a look at if you’re a newbie trader and you’re looking for something that has experienced traders to hand to offer a helping hand and more importantly some winning trades.
If you would like me to test The Wisdom of the Crowds on a live webinar please vote using the form below, and if you’ve tried the software and you want to submit a 1-5 star rating, 1 being poor and 5 being excellent you can do so when you vote.

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