Best of the Best – BOTB – Can you really win a Car?

Best of the Best (BOTB)

Product Name: Best of the Best (BOTB)
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I couldn’t believe it when a subscriber asked me to review this, as I’m actually an avid fan of William Hindmarch and his best of the best website, which is also known as BOTB.

Best of the best is most certainly not a scam, I’m been playing it for years, I like to consider it my alternative to playing the lottery.

review of botbI first came across best of the best over 12 years ago at Glasgow airport. I had flown there on business, and it happend to be my 24th birthday, so I decided to buy a ticket, which at the time was quite expensive, but they have since come down in price considerably.

I bought 1 ticket to win a Ferrari F430 which has literally only just come out.  Best of the Best pitches in several airports in the UK, and they would usually have 2 high end cars parked up that you could win.  After buying the BOTB ticket the next week I was filled with excitment, and I constantly had butterflies as I found myself dreaming about owning a Ferrari.

One week past, and I checked my ticket on their website and I wasnt’ a winner, but I did continue to play BOTB regularlary, and over the last decade I’ve remained a loyal customer, buying tickets whenever I’m feeling a bit flush.

So how does it Work?

It’s a really simple concept, you pruchase a ticket at their website and you then are presented with a picture of a football match that has had the ball removed from the picture.

best of the best car compEach ticket you buy allows you to click where on the picture you think the ball was removed, and then once a week a panel of judges decide the same thing, and if your guess is the closest to the judges, then you can win anything from Astons to Maseratis and McLarens to Zondas, it’s a really awesome expereince, and whether you want to be a regular player or a one off player it’s certainly worth it on the off chance.

Have I won a car yet?

BOTBNo I haven’t won a car…. yet… but I also haven’t won the lottery, but I feel my odds are better on BOTB that they are on the lottery, although that being said there’s lots of new lotto sites appearing that have greater odds of winning, so I’ll be looking in to that in the near future I’m sure.

Whilst I haven’t won a car from best of the best yet, I know for a fact that botb isn’t a scam, as each week they post a video on the latest winner of a car, and it really does get you motivated to having another go at it…. so much so I’ve been at it for 12 years.

I have however won tonnes of in game credits, and I once made the grade for the BOTB closest runners up where I got £200 on in game credits.

I was aboslutely gutted, as I knew I must have been really close to winning a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, but hey that’s competitions for you, and I’m still a huge fan, and it won’t stop me from trying over and over again.


Best of the Best in NOT a scam, and I’ll continue to post videos of my trying to win a car on best of the best until the day I do lol!

If you’d like to try visit the site then simply click the button below

is botb a scam?




is best of the best a scam?



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