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Let me show you how to get a free iPhone

Not everything on the internet is a scam, in Free iPhonefact a few years ago I stumbled across a website called Freebie Jeebies, that promised to send you a free iPhone or Macbook, or anything that you wanted to be honest.  All you needed to do was take up an “offer” on their website, this offer ranged from depositing £10 on a bid website similar to MadBid called “little bid tasty” I get to use the £10 however I want, but what this did is generate a commission for FreebieJeebies.

What FreebieJeebies do with this commission is they allocate you a certain number “credits” and the more credits you get, the closer you are to your free iPhone.

Now, you only have to pay for something once, so at best you’re actually getting an iPhone for £10 not for free, but after your inital spend, you get referral points for introducing friends.

Now this might sound like a scam, but it’s not, and there was even an apology on the UK TV Show the Gadget Show on Channel 5 a few years ago because they mistakenly called them a scam.

Here’s the video

So how does all this work?

It’s quite simple and there’s 3 main steps once you have decided what prize you want.

Step 1.

Click Here to visit Freebie Jeebies and browse their offers, once you find one you want to take simple take it.  They are typically bingo webistes but the cheapest I foudn was little bid tasty, liek I said earlier it’s only a tenner and once you take this offer up you are ready to to start referring people.

Step 2. 

You get a unique referrer link, give this link to 40 people, once they all take an offer, you will can request your freebie.

Step 3.

Recieve your iPhone or whatever you wanted, and then keep referring people to keep getting more and more over and over again.

This website has been going for years, I’ve requested custom orders for pretty much anything on Amazon, it’s a real deal and they even offer cash alternatives.

Certainly NOT a scam


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