John Crestani Super Affiliate Scam Review

John Crestani Super Affiliate Scam Review

Product Name : Super Affiliate System
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
Type Scam:  Internet Marketing

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Recently I’ve found my Facebook feed clogged up with ads for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System, the guy is making an absolutely killing, and I recently read about him in Forbes

It’s a great story about how he created a successful business selling health products, and now he’s helping people do the same.

John Crestani - Scammer

He has some astonishing numbers, as much as $500k a month are the claims on and I think all of us would like a piece of that pie.

But can you really be as successful as John? Or is John Crestani a scam merchant looking to bleed you dry selling really shitty information online?

The simple fact, is that affiliate marketing can be an absolute game changer for people.  If you find the right niche, you can make an absolute killing, and unlike a physical business you don’t have to deal with customers or clients, you can be open 24/7 without having to sacrifice your sleep, and you genuinely live anywhere in the world that has an internet connection to run your business.

I can relate that, for many years I ran a recruitment agency, and I was working 80 hour weeks for £80k a year, I had a brief stint between 2007 and 2009 as an affiliate marketer predominately advertising on google adwords, and I was soon working with a team of people pulling in £80k a month, my entire years salary in a single month on autopilot.

But soon the market I was in become saturated, and it no longer become profitable.  In fact it sent me on a downward spiral that resulted in bankruptcy in 2010, hold on to that line until later in my Review of John Crestani, as his model doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway I take claims of wealth and pictures of guys in Lamborghinis with a big fuck off pinch of salt.

John Crestani Review

To me John Crestani is making claims he cannot deliver on, and whilst I believe that he himself is making $500k a month, the truth about how he is doing it the most likely the same as people like Greg Secker the Forex Guru and yet another Lamborghini driver (seeing a pattern here) that makes his money selling his system, as oppose to his system making money.

In the case of John Crestani it’s pretty simple, he has his own affiliate network called Nutryst

This is an affiliate program for health products and nutritional stuff.  I’m guessing that most of it’s white label generic stuff that has no real value, and if John is as smart as I think he is, it will be dropship white label products, this is where you never see the product, and you simply take payment and arrange for a supplier to directly send whatever product out with your own label on direct to the customer.

I’m not saying that’s what it is, but if it’s not he’s seriously missing a trick, because that would be the easiest way to run this type of business remotely in a place like Thailand. Plus he once said on a video that I saw on youtube of him stating that “not having clients is awesome” leading me to the assumption that he doesn’t hold the stock or handle any of the customer service.

But saying that, I could be wrong, and I’m not here to start a smear campaign on the guy, I’m simply writing what I believe his model consists of.

So next up is my brief conversation with John.  I messaged him on Facebook to ask about his “opportunity” and he got back to me saying it costs $5k and then he told me to look at his forbes article, in fact he mentioned his forbes article on two out of 5 messages to me.

My Concerns

What concerns me about John, is what he offers, he told me that he has a 12 week training program where he’ll teach me how to promote his own products via Facebook ads, in fact there’s a lot of info on how he’s “cracked facebook ads” all over the place, because many people found the same issue I had with Google adwords back in the day with the FB ad network, and that’s negative ROI.

Negative ROI is where you make less in sales than it cost you in ads, it’s what sent me bankrupt, and I have no intention of going back there.

So where’s all this going?

Well the genius of what it looks like what John Crestani is doing, is that he’s asking people for $5k to take the risk or running a negative ROI campaign.

John takes the $5k so he’s sorted and probably uses some of it to pay towards his call centre that call you from a Beverly Hills phone number to ask you a series of boiler room style questions under the premis of whether you are suitable for the his training program or not.

John gave that bit away to me on a facebook message, where he wanted me to take a phone call to see if I was “capable” of learning his methods, and then whether I met his “Criteria”

To me this was a red flag, but I had to have some admiration for Johns set up.  You see, earlier I referred to him as a genius, and this is why.

He charges $5k that covers his core costs and I’d say thats his core revenue, his call centre determines how much money you have to run ad campaigns, and then he shows you how to set up a campaign on Facebook ads, or native ads, or whatever.

Now lets say you spend a further $5k on ads, and you make $1k in sales.  Who still makes money no matter what?

John Crestani does, that’s who, in fact everything this guy is teaching and promising doesn’t make sense to someone like me who has seen what saturation does to a Pay Per Click campaign, and this simple fact is that the more people there are pushing the same ad campaigns drives up the costs of the ads, and then the ROI becomes negative.

But there’s probably people out there that after they invest $5k initially, will keep throwing money at it because they want the lifestyle John has.

But the only person who is guaranteed to make money using this model is John, the affiliate as with all affiliates most likely don’t succeed, because it’s not as easy as the internet wants you to believe.  And by Johns own admission he had several years of failures under his belt, so he knows better than anyone that the vendors of product or the affiliate networks themselves are the onces that generate the risk free cash whilst the affiliates take all the risk.

The Verdcit

If you want John Crestani’s lifestyle, then set up an affiliate program using fill it with products and then sell a training course on how to advertise that business using native ads, facebook ads, google ads whatever ads for $5k, and you’ll make a killing.


In fact I’d go further and say that $5k is all you need to set up a direct clone of his business model, which involved hiring a Lamborghini and getting to the nearest beach and recording few videos for much less than $5k

So do I think he’s that John Crestani is a scam? I actually don’t, I just think that it’s got its risks, so if you’re thinking of trying it, I wanted to highlight the potential pitfalls of such a system.

If you want to speak with John, please click the red button below for one of his team to contact you.

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  • Thanks man this really helped i nearly got scammed by that guy, saved thanks.

  • Hey Keith, John has another affiliate program,it is called Internet jetset and it is supposed to be only for 47USD. Did you try to review this programme ?


  • JC Super Affiliate Review

    “Do as he does, not as he says”


  • Good job. I figured all these people who make money in marketing or teaching how to make money the real money comes from the webinars they sell and then side business and the tier programs that cost thousands of dollars. You are right on the money. I want to start a webinar business myself but I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY for the webinar software or what I will be selling.

  • notfallingforit

    All of these marketing systems are the same basic idea, see pyramid businesses like Amway or any of the other hundreds if not more business models out there. The only people that make money are the ones that start it out, the rest of the people simply fill the pockets of the few people that started. Also the reason they are called a pyramid, unless you started it and are on the top then you are supporting those at the top by being the bottom of that pyramid. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be anyone’s foundation but my own. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start one of these companies, it simply takes thousands of people who think they can become rich by not working. Anyone who tells you they can make you rich in a few short years is lying to you, are there exceptions to this? Like when you could have purchased Microsoft stock in the beginning or Google stocks, of course there are but these so called business models are not one of them. Please save your money, and start a business you are passionate about because then and only then do you have a chance at actually becoming wealthy, and wealth has much more than money involved to make one happy. So if you want to do well for yourself, think about what makes you happy doing then go do it because people will see how passionate you are about it and want to be next to you. Following another persons dream will never make you rich, but you can watch him drive his Lambo and walk on the beach in Fiji but you will never be walking next to him unless your handing him stacks of cash. I don’t think he is a bad guy, in fact he is brilliant because people see something they want to be and will dump all of their cash into a pie in the sky dream. They will always argue that a person like me simply doesn’t have what it takes to make it in his industry, which is fine with me because I still have my 5k to start another business to make money for my own family, I don’t know about you guy’s but 5k goes a long way in getting something going for my own family business. What is giving him that cash going to do? He is simply going to show you how to use a hammer, the problem is there are a million other people trying to hit the same nail you are, while he sits back watching you build his house and wax his car. Good luck everyone, success is out there but I am not going to lie it takes good honest hard work and time to get there.

  • the next tai lopez , go play in traffic

  • I really believe that he is making money by getting people to pay to join his program. He has tried to make me join several times. I would have gave him the US$ 47 to join the Internet Jetset, but turns out I’m US4K in debt to my credit cards. I have gotten into affiliate marketing but seeing his agressiveness to make join I think that is how he makes the money. I believe thousands of people join seeking a way to generate wealth.

  • Hey Admin, or Keith W, can you send me an email on what you did after you went bankrupt? I’d be more interested in following you & what you did than this Crestani guy. Thanx.

  • pussycash affiliate program is the biggest fraudster in the business. Pussycash is the worst for shaving leads and keeping your commissions.Beware don’t run any traffic to any pussycash offers.

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