The Great British Brexit Scam

The Great British Brexit Scam

Product Name: Brexit

Product Type: Government Referndum


Type of Scam: Political

This isn’t your typical review, I’ll give you that, but I’m a cynical mother f***er and I don’t believe for one minute that a) The UK will leave the EU and b) that voting on it makes a blind bit of difference.

We live in a world with constant wars instead of peace and harmony, and because of this fact I personally subscribe to a lot of conspiracy theories as it’s quite depressing that the way the world is right now is how it should be.

I used to watch Russell Brands “The Trews” a lot, and whether you like him or not, he made very valid points, and the media tried to make him look like a circus clown.

I found the treatment of Russell by the media absolutely disgusting, because he was trying to get people to open up their eyes to the truth and make the world a better place.

The simple fact is that Governments are just a type of business, and once you start looking a country as a company, you can then see that no company would ever put the future of their direction in the hands of anyone other than the shareholders and directors.

Simply put, there’s no such thing as a democracy, it’s a load of bullshit, we’re all workers for the countries we’re collectively domiciled in, and we’re all making a handful of people, “the elite” very, very rich.

brexit scamYou might think I sound like a crackpot, but I believe it to be the truth, and I never trust what the media are feeding me.  In fact, I see it in the industry I used to work in, you’ll have one blog calling a product crap and another one calling it great.

What this is, is bottom feeding, and I can prove it with my recent Ice 9 videos. 

I have a huge number of followers on YouTube that are looking for good software, I was a consultant on ice 9, so I know that it’s a legitimate product. However certain bloggers see my success and want to take chunks out of my by saying it’s a scam, but they are only doing this to push another piece of shit software.

If you see any review calling Ice 9 a scam, I guarantee that it’ll have a banner or an advert to another piece of binary options software.

These is entry level media control, and it’s no different at the top of the chain, with corporations like the BBC and Sky etc.

So where am I going with all of this?  Well I don’t see the UK media much, I don’t use facebook much, and I don’t watch television much, and I certainly don’t watch UK television.  As such I feel I have a less bias position to view of this “theatre” for what it is… and it is a load of theatre.

The decision for Brexit at the EU Referendum has already been made by the top dogs, it doesn’t matter if you vote on it or not, it won’t change the outcome.

Whether we stay or go, I’m not economist or political expert, but I think we’ll stay, and I think that the GBP will gain on the EUR as a result, and anyone looking for a quick trading opportunity should place trades in favour of the GBP gaining on the EUR with end of day trades.

If you want to use some software that will aid this for you, then click on the green button below and use my trusted software to execute the trades for you.

And please, I invite people to comment on this, let me know what you think.

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  • Wow Keith, that is some Profound Stuff Mate. But so very, very tru, especially the part bout Russell. The Main Stream Media r a bunch of Low Life Maggot’s. We have that problem, “big time in the States, with the way they treat Bernie Sanders.” He’s a man 4 the Ppl by the Ppl & his record ov the lst 40 yrs in congress proves, & shows that ! Any Who, GB will stay, there’s no place 4 GB 2 go unless they want 2 go it alone ? The GBP/JPY has rallied 400 pips in the last 48 hrs hope the Smart one’s got a piece of that ? “All I can say is How Sweet it is !” I’m lookin & waitin now 4 the USD/CHF 2 Roll ov 2 the dn side soon. But 4 now its hangin tough ! Patience said the “Nile Croc,” as he waits submerged along the Shore Line. Patience !

  • Its not the Apps like Ice9 that u r behind, we trust u Keith. & by the way Ben looks gd in ur Old Office ! Any-Who, its not u. Its these God Dam Brokers that r playin games with every 1. They need 2 clean up there act. Now if “Nadex in the States,” adapted a Spot Option type of Plat 2 Trade On, instead of the 1 they have now. They would have this Broker Worry Solved ! & Ppl would b Flockin 2 them by the Thousands once the word got out. But there Plat is not gonna change, so were stuck with these other Maggot’s !

    • You can use nadex on trendxpert. Contact my old crowd on you need the full unlocked version though, it was £997 when I was there and that included webinars for a year, but at least you don’t need to use dodgy US brokers.

  • Well said Keith, couldn’t agree more.
    Recently signed up to ive9 on your recommendation and you’re right it looks n feels great!!!

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