Product Name: Search Engine Optimisation
Product Type: SEO Services
Type of Scam: SEO false promises
I was asked yesterday if I knew of any good SEO companies by one of my subscribers as they are starting up their own blog.  I personally don’t use an SEO company, I do it all myself and as I started to reply to him via email, I thought to myself “why don’t I post a blog about it instead” and this in itself is a great example of SEO.
In fact, everything I do when I post an article or a review has an element of targeted SEO, and I target fairly new products to the market that will have relatively low competition, and as you will probably guess from my domain name, I target product keywords on products that people think might be scams.  That in itself, is yet another example of SEO, or at least thinking about the SEO as I add content to my blog.
But what if there’s a seemingly genuine SEO guru offering you help and support, with unbelievable prices and cast iron guarantees that gets your man pussy all wet and slippery, crying out for the cock that is cold hard cash.
Well that’s exactly what happened to myself and my business partner in 2009 at a conference in Budapest where I met a guy called Mike Litson, a self-proclaimed SEO guru, that really talked a good talk, and offered my partner and I an SEO solution for £1400 per month, which guaranteed a natural page 1 rank on Google for our select keywords, keywords that I was paying over £50k a month to generate £65k turnover a month.
I was making £15k profit a month with this particular marketing campaign by using the services of White Arrow Media owned by Mike Litson (which changed it’s name to blueclaw for a while) I was led to believe that in 6 months I’d be making £64k a month profit, quite a leap I think you’ll agree.
The hook was that if he didn’t deliver my rank in 6 months, that he would work for free until he did.
seo scammerThe long and short of this is that I ended up hand over £14k over a period of 10 months, and the “free” thing never really came in to play, we pulled the plug and started litson-gation (see what I did there??) but nothing materialised.
We later bumped in to Mr Litson at another conference a few years later, only he had changed his image to make himself look like the love child or Chewbacca and Justin Bieber , you can see for yourself here on his LinkedIn page
When we saw him, he darted off and mingled elsewhere and we later found him pissed up and a bit more chatty.  He admitted he’d done wrong, and owed us a favour but the slippery fucker got away from us, and never returned any emails or calls, so my partner and I ended up ditching the notion that we’d get that money, or any value for that money ever again.
So what’s the moral of this story? Well, don’t trust a northerner for a start, and second of all always to a quick checklist if you’re thinking of using an SEO company, and avoid the following things.

1.    Guaranteed Rankings

You can never guarantee an SEO rank, Google even warns people not to trust this claim on SEO company websites, and someone even once told me that google don’t even know how to rank your site with a 100% guarantee, so how can someone else.

2.    They will work for free if they don’t deliver

If someone tells you that they will work for free if they don’t deliver their promise, well their promise isn’t worth shit, so fuck them off straight away as they clearly have no confidence in their own ability.

3.    Prices are too Low or too High

Pricing says a lot in SEO, if the company or person is pitching too low like $50 a month, it’s probably $50 a month that you’re paying for nothing, and you might end up forgetting you’re paying it, by the time 10 months has passed you’re $500 out of pocket, and that could have bought you half an ounce of cocaine or a hooker for a few hours.  Money far better spent in my opinion.  By the same token, if they are asking for $1000 a month or more, you are getting screwed with a cucumber, after 10 months you’re $10k out of pocket, that’s a small car, or even 2 cases…. A brief case of cocaine, and a suitcase with the hooker in that you fucked to death because you had too much of the first case.  If people are pitching somewhere in between, then they’re either shrewed scammers or a genuine company, without a penchant for party bags of blow and chicks named Cherry or Misty.

4.    Their own website has a terrible rank

If you’re embarking on SEO and you find an SEO page being advertised on Adwords (see below) as oppose to having a good natural rank for at least one relevant key phrase, then chances are they are con artists just trying to make a quick buck.

seo companies

5.    Link Farming

Make sure that you check some of  their clients sites out on before you commit to anything, you don’t want your website that you’ve poured your heart and soul in to, to be affected by poor quality linking or link farms.  SEO Scammers might be able to increase your rank in the short term using Black Hat techniques and by buying a shit load of inbound links, ironically like on backlinkwatch! You need quality link building done on your site.
These are just a few of the things to look out for, and I’ll make sure that I’ll investigate further to find a reputable service that can be depended on.
However if you want to make some easy money, then click my Trusted Software link below.


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  • I’ve been cheated out of money using SEO as well. I think if you want to spend money you should use google adwords or bing ads to bring traffic to your website.

  • For sure, there’s definietly some value in Adwords, I started off using adwords back in 2007, and it was the best way to get people to the site I was working on at the time. High competition and the risk of burning through a large balance is the only draw back, I actually bankrupted myself eventually in 2010 because I was spendind too much on adwords, I got greedy and didn’t consider saturation. If I find a good SEO service I’ll be sure to let people on here know, likewise if anyone can recommend on to chekc out, I’m always looking for stuff like that.

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